Zanika's Speech in the Hall of Spirits

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"Do not be afraid. My sisters and I can speak with you now.

Anya told us you needed help. So, while you were exploring this physical manifestation of Serenia, we decided to travel her mirror realm -- a world in which our Ancestors have great power, and which we call ... Dream.

We asked the Ancestors to show us what happened to Yeesha, but the things they revealed did not make any sense! We think it's because the message was intended for you.

This disturbed us, for it means you must travel to Dream -- something which you must never do without a spirit guide.

Normally, finding the guide best suited to your true nature takes time. But we have decided to help, by examining the weave of your past actions. Please, place your hand on the cloth. It will allow us to know which guide you must seek." - Zanika

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