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These are all the speeches given by Jeff Zandi to new explorers who are currently solving the puzzles in the Cleft.



Zandi gives this speech when an explorer first approaches him.

"Hey. Welcome. So, uh, I'm Zandi. I probably know more about why you're here then you do. Don't worry about it. You felt drawn here, just like the others. I'm not really here to give you... answers, just to give you help, and... get you started. She's left a message for you in the Cleft. Listen to it well. Follow her. Find the journeys. And then, enter the tree. Oh, and, uh, check with me if you need help." - Zandi

Hint Speeches[edit]

Zandi gives these as hints to certain puzzles. Depending on what puzzle is the next logical one to solve and how often he has already given a hint, he will give different speeches.

First Windmill Brake Hint[edit]

"Well, you're gonna need power for that imager in the Cleft. Try releasing the brake on the windmill first." - Zandi

Second Windmill Brake Hint[edit]

"Okay, so, you've got to use that handle in the Cleft to release the windmill brake, okay?" - Zandi

This list is not yet complete.

Random Speeches[edit]

Zandi gives one of these speeches if he doesn't have anything else to say.

First Random Speech[edit]

"Eh, it's hot, but it's dry heat." - Zandi

Second Random Speech[edit]

"Keep exploring, you'll find what you're looking for." - Zandi

Third Random Speech[edit]

"Think that steak's done yet? " - Zandi

Fourth Random Speech[edit]

"Ha ha! This is great! Hero the pizza boy!" - Zandi

Fifth Random Speech[edit]

"You know how hard it is to finish a book with a constant stream of people... interrupting? "' - Zandi