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Yeesha's Third Adult Journal

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Journal 2

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The cot in the first Eder Tomahn

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Myst V: End of Ages

This is the third of twelve journals written by Yeesha that were scattered around the upper part of Descent in 2005 while Dr. Watson took the Quest. It was found on a cot in the first Eder Tomahn, and recounts the betrayal of Sirrus and Achenar and the events of Myst.


Pride is a thief. Pride stole the soul of the D'ni people. Pride stole my own brothers. The temptation was too great. It is not the power, but the desire for power that destroys. That desire is in my blood. The blood of my ancestors - the blood of my flesh. I fight it, but I am pulled, even now.

My father tried to hide what he valued, his Books and Ages, while my brothers tried to hide what they valued, riches and power. Father was trusting, or naive, and Ages and people were destroyed.

And so my family was imprisoned. My brothers in Ages written by Father; Father in a D'ni prison he had escaped from in childhood; and Mother in the world she loved and feared the most - Riven - her home - her refuge.

Perhaps it's why I now fear my home - my refuge.

And then by the Maker, or by the roll, a stranger found the Book. The Book had been intended to be destroyed by fire, but by the Maker, or by the roll, it was taken far away. The Book was preserved until it was time. Surely it was the Maker who preserved the Book that would bring help.

Now it was time. A stranger found the Book, came to the island and freed Father. A lesson was learned, a friendship was forged.


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The least are my friends. I must use the Least wisely. I must listen to them. And respect them. They are powerful, they are willing, and they are afraid.