Yeesha's Speech on the Tram

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"This part's really, really cool, if you're not afraid of tight spaces. Dad and me aren't, but sometimes Mom has to close her eyes when I'm driving. Good thing she's not home right now, 'cause I never could have picked you up by myself if she were.

Hey! Is that a new image recorder you've got? How cool! And you know, I know the perfect spot to use it. Hang on!

Isn't Tomahna pretty from here? I remember some of the other times you've visited us... You've always liked stopping here. It's one of my favorite spots too. Go ahead! Take a picture!

What's wrong? Don't you want to take a picture right now? Go ahead!

Just make sure your thumb's not in the shot. Dad always ruins his images that way.

Did you get it? I think you should keep it in you journal. That way, you can take it out and look at it whenever you miss us!

I'll tell Dad you're here. Come on!" - Yeesha