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Yeesha's Sixth Adult Journal

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Journal 5

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Beside the lever for the elevator outside the second Eder Tomahn

Pages long


Appears in

Myst V: End of Ages

This is the sixth of twelve journals written by Yeesha scattered around the Great Shaft in 2005. This one is located beside the elevator for the second elevator, outside the second Eder Tomahn, partway down the Great Shaft. In this journal, Yeesha recounts her birth and the events portrayed in Myst III: Exile.


Tomahna - my home - the place where I was: the place where I began. I was a spark of joy to Mother and Father, after their fire was almost quenched. And yet what joy could we have had if my brothers had been there as well?

Still torn.

Father and Mother loved and shared with me, their desert bird. Father shared wisdom and knowledge, and Mother shared visions and dreams.

When did they come to know my destiny? Surely not from birth. As I look back, they knew so much; they saw so clearly. They planted and watered, so that I would learn how to do the same. I would not realize it until long after I was to see them no longer.

Am I the Grower because they taught me, or did they teach me because I am the Grower?


But peace was not yet with us. From the past, an enemy came, seeking revenge. But there was help for a third time. Without help, where would we be? Would there be a grower? Would there be a seed to grow?

It's all been so fragile.

But it must be by the Maker I am here - and there is meaning.

Or it may be by the roll I am here - and there is no meaning.