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Yeesha's Seventh Adult Journal

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Journal 6

Written by



Next to the blue button at the bottom of the Great Shaft

Pages long


Appears in

Myst V: End of Ages

This is the seventh of twelve journals written by Yeesha that were scattered around The Great Shaft in 2005 while Dr. Watson took the Quest. This one could be found beside the blue button at the bottom of the shaft, and recounts the events portrayed in Myst IV: Revelation.


I was very young when I first felt strong. Indeed, I was young, but I thought I understood. I had many abilities, even then, but little wisdom. Better to have fewer abilities and much wisdom.

I knew I was doing something great for us, but what I did was foolish for me. I thought I was reuniting our family, bringing back what joy we once had. I almost brought an end to life.

Yet again, it was a friend who came to our aid.

Now I think that most things cannot be returned to how they were. My brothers were not to be released. But the Maker turned my poor choice to some small good, and Achenar was redeemed.

My tears flow as I write these memories. The suffering and pain I have caused - and endured. And yet I am thankful. I will be powerful like the Bahro.

I long to be so strong.

They will sing a song of thankfulness. They will sing a song, without regard to their circumstances. They will stand and take time to sing to the Maker with hearts of joy. If only I could have such a heart.

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