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Yeesha's Second Adult Journal

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Journal 1

Written by



In the tunnel leading to the Great Shaft from the Caldera

Pages long


Appears in

Myst V: End of Ages

This is the second of twelve journals written by Yeesha that were scattered around the Great Shaft in 2005 while Dr. Watson took the Quest. It could found by a lamp in the first hall after entering the ground from Caldera, and in it Yeesha recaps the story of her family.


I am finding where I am, by understanding where I was.

And everything I was, is linked to the island of Myst - the refuge.

And I must know where they were as well. My heritage, my people, my family.

My Father, the prisoner of the hidden and the revealed. Raised by Ti'ana who hid the truth. Then raised by Gehn, who revealed the truth. But Ti'ana hid for love, and Gehn revealed for power.

Mother too, nothing more than a slave to what she knew and what she felt. Taught by Gehn to write what she knew. Then taught by Ti'ana to write what she felt. But Gehn's teachings imprisoned her, and Ti'ana's teachings freed her.

And in the end, through the hidden and revealed, through the known and the felt, through the good and the evil, through the gods and the devils - they came together. Together they came: Father floating and mother caring. Father knowing and Mother feeling.

And my Great-Grandmother Ti'ana watched, and my Grandfather Gehn fell.

And so began our path of pain.

Ti'ana was called the destroyer, but she brought them together - and lived with them on Myst island.

Father could not keep Myst simple - new structures and new Ages he brought. Mother could not keep Myst solitary - two new sons she brought - my brothers - Sirrus and Achenar. And they grew up strong, and hungry, and lustful, like their Grandfather Gehn - unable to control the power of Books - the power of writing Ages.

And as a result all became prisoners. Prisoners in their refuge.

I will never return to that place.

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