Yeesha's Kadish notes

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These are four torn notes found in the alternate Kadish Tolesa vault, written by Yeesha, presumably shortly after she wrote the three sentences on Kadish's note, which claim that she has gained the powers of gods, and that she has "conquered the stream", saving "his" life. It is not fully clear what exactly the notes refer to, but given the nature of the alternate vault, it seems entirely possible that the great act performed by Yeesha was writing the alternate instance of Kadish Tolesa, and hence "saving" an alternate version of Kadish.


Fragment 1[edit]

I have conquered the
stream. These streams, said
to flow of their own
will, now flow where
I di[ ]t[

Fragment 2[edit]

Father could move only
pages with his words but
I could move Books.
I have[

Fragment 3[edit]

I've saved his life.

Fragment 4[edit]

These are the powers
of gods and I now
have this power.