Yeesha's Journey

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Yeesha's Journey was a quest created by Yeesha to show explorers the history of D'ni and to help return the Bahro to the Cavern. Several DRC members have taken Yeesha's journey, including Douglas Sharper. Phil Henderson, and Dr. Watson.

In the Journey, explorers visited five Ages, finding and placing their palms on seven Journey Cloths in each of the Ages, with the exception of Eder Gira and Eder Kemo, which are grouped and thus have seven Journey Cloths between them. After touching all seven in an Age, they are able to unlock the Journey Door of that Age. Entering it, they are linked to a Bahro Cave, where they listen to a recording of Yeesha's about the Age they just visited. They are then given a Bahro Pillar, which they must return to D'ni after receiving all four.

Ages Visited[edit]