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Yeesha in Releeshahn in 2005 CE




1815 CE (age 202–203)

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½ Rivenese, Human, D'ni



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Yeesha (D'niyESa, Yeeshah, meaning 'laughter'; born 1815 CE) is the daughter of Atrus and Katran and the younger sister of Sirrus and Achenar. She claims to be the grower – a D'ni messianic figure referenced in Words – in addition to being the desert bird and the daughter of the burdened one.


Early life[edit]

A portrait of Catherine and Yeesha

Born in 1815 CE, she was the first and only daughter to Atrus and Catherine. She grew up in Tomahna with Atrus and Catherine teaching her, feeling that she was their second chance as her brothers Sirrus and Achenar had turned on their parents. At some point, Yeesha and Catherine started the Fun Club.

In 9479 DE (1823 CE), at the age of eight, Yeesha first visited Serenia, one of Catherine's Ages, and began to study its customs with the protectors, befriending one of them, Anya. After she had successfully studied their customs, she was presented her Serenian Journey Cloth and declared a Child of Water. She was also gifted with an Amulet of Memories. Using the Amulet, she discovered the truth about the death of her grandmother Ti'ana which Atrus and Catherine had kept from her.

It was also around this time that she began visiting her brothers in their prison Ages using the Linking Chambers that Atrus and Catherine had previously written in and she grew to love them deeply, even offering to teach Sirrus D'ni.

Sirrus's escape[edit]

Yeesha in 9480 DE (1824 CE).

On Leevobro 2, 9480 DE (November 27–28, 1824 CE), at the age of nine, Yeesha was sent by her father to retrieve the Stranger and bring them to Tomahna. Shortly after they arrived, Atrus blew the power to his Crystal Viewer and left for Rime to fetch parts to fix it. That very afternoon, Sirrus broke out of his confinement on Spire and tried to kidnap Yeesha while the Stranger had been knocked out by a bridge collapse. She then fled for Haven seeking help from Achenar. Achenar tried to stop Sirrus, but Sirrus knocked him out with one of his crystal bombs. He then took Yeesha to Serenia where he strapped her to a chair in the old Memory Chamber and attempted to perform a mind transfer to take over her body and learn the Art. His plan was thwarted, however, by the Stranger and Achenar, and although Yeesha's mind was returned, both brothers were killed in the process. Catherine then took her to Tay to recover.

D'ni and the Bahro[edit]

Years later, when Yeesha was 16 years old, she left Tomahna to find herself. She stayed at the Cleft for a while before venturing into the D'ni City. Alone, she fell into madness, and became desperate for companionship. While visiting the Ae'gura Library, she came upon Calam, one of the few surviving masters of the Art, who became her mentor. The two often clashed on their views on writing, but Calam continued to teach her everything he knew about the Art. Together they learned about the Bahro and the Tablet. Yeesha thought him to be the Grower until he was unexpectedly murdered. In her anger, Yeesha killed the murderer.

Sometime later, she took the Quest, but failed. For the next few years, she would regret her decision about it and became convinced that if she had one more chance with it, she could free the Bahro.

Yeesha reunited with her father Atrus in Releeshahn

In 2005 CE, Dr. Watson arrived in K'veer and moments after he touched the Tablet, Yeesha appeared informing him about the quest for the Tablet. She then used her Grower powers to link him to the Caldera connected to the Great Shaft.

Once Dr. Watson took the Quest, he succeeded and manged to free the Bahro. Filled with joy and feeling her burden lifted, she went to Releeshahn where she was at last reunited with her father, Atrus.

On November 4th, 2007, Yeesha appeared to explorers in K'veer where she gave a speech about the Bahro and their war.

Personality and background[edit]

According to Dr. Watson, Yeesha's name is derived from the D'ni word yeeshah (yeSa), which means "laughter".

The following sections are written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

Role in the franchise[edit]

Yeesha appears in three of the five Myst games; Myst III: Exile, Myst IV: Revelation, and Myst V: End of Ages, as well as Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, Uru: The Path of the Shell, and Uru Live. She is also mentioned in the epilogue of Myst: The Book of D'ni.


In 9480 DE (1824 CE), if the Stranger had not pulled the amber lever, Sirrus would have taken over Yeesha's body and killed Achenar and the Stranger.

In 2005 CE, had Dr. Watson instead given the Tablet to Yeesha, it would have fallen through her hands as she could no longer hold it. She then would have linked out of K'veer, saddened by Dr. Watson's actions.