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Willow Engberg
Wheely (left) with Rose (right) in a Seret neighborhood on May 20th, 2007




May 22, 2007 CE (aged Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".)
Tokotah II, D'ni City, Earth

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Willow "Wheely" Engberg was the daughter of Michael Engberg and a close friend of Rose Taylor. She was killed by a member of the Bah'ro Nekisahl on May 22nd, 2007.


As an explorer[edit]

Wheely visited the cavern throughout the first part of the Second Restoration as an explorer, starting in early 2007, often interacting with the other explorers there.

Cave-in in the Kahlo Pub[edit]

In May, Wheely's close friend Rose Taylor visited the cavern with her, and the two of them explored together and with other explorers. On May 20th, 2007, the two of them declared that they were going to the Kahlo Pub, in order to investigate the small crack that had appeared the previous day, Ae'gura being closed at that point due to the seismic activity that had caused the crack.

Despite explorers trying to convince them to do otherwise, Wheely and Rose visited Ae'gura, sneaking into the Kahlo Pub. While they were there, the growing crack caused part of the interior structure to collapse. Rose was killed in the collapse, while Wheely survived but was left trapped in a room lower in the structure, her Relto book and KI both disabled.

After the DRC realised that Wheely and Rose were missing, Victor Laxman was able to remotely reactivate Wheely's KI, discovering her location beneath the Kahlo Pub. The DRC then started to dig through the rubble in the Pub, in an attempt to reach her.

Contact with the DRC[edit]

On May 22nd, Wheely finally made contact with the DRC, informing them of Rose's death and the fact that her Relto book was not functioning. She lapsed in and out of consciousness, but when she was awake she relayed information about her situation. The room that she was in had Bahroglyphs on the walls, and slightly later Wheely noticed the presence of a living Bahro in the room with her, watching her. At one point upon waking up, Wheely found that her thirst had been abated, her KI having registered her as being in various Ages while she had been unconscious.


The DRC continued to dig deeper underneath the Tokotah II structure, discovering the Minkata Bahroglyph in the floors underneath the Kahlo Pub. Eventually they broke through to the floor immediately above where Wheely was trapped. As they got within minutes of accessing the room where Wheely was, she reported that the Bahro that was in the room with her became agitated, scrambling around and making angry sounds, and repeating the word "Noloben". Then Wheely screamed, and was silent.

The DRC rescue team, which included Wheely's father, Michael Engberg, soon reached the room that Wheely had been trapped in, discovering that the Bahro and Bahroglyphs had disappeared, and that Wheely had been killed, her body still there, along with Rose's. According to Marie Sutherland and Douglas Sharper, who had also been in the rescue team, Wheely's body had been mangled; defiled; torn to pieces.


The next day, the cavern's explorer community was in mourning, as was Michael Engberg, who spent most of the day sitting outside the Kahlo Pub staring at Wheely's grave. That evening, he started linking from neighborhood to neighborhood, muttering to himself. He was then heard to exclaim the name of Dr. Watson, and linked to the Great Shaft, Watson's last known location, Engberg's KI going offline.

On June 26th, 2007, a memorial was erected outside the Kahlo Pub, beside where Wheely and Rose had been buried, featuring the names of dead explorers, including Wheely and Rose.