Watcher's Pub

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Watcher's Pub
D'ni City location
The Watcher's Pub in its current state

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 18,270; Horizontal displacement (spans) 22; Vertical displacement (spans) -48

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The Watcher's Sanctuary Notebook

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The Watcher's Pub (also known as the Great Tree Pub or the Watcher's Sanctuary, unofficially as the Restoration Guild, or, erroneously, as Rolep) is a building located in the J'taeri district on the island of Ae'gura.

The building itself it similar to the design of the Guild Pubs, with the main area being a circular atrium with several niches around its circumference. One of these niches contains linking books to Ahnonay and Er'cana, as well as a notebook written by the DRC detailing their findings of the pub's history. An imager is located in the center of the room and in 2004, displayed a clue to one of the puzzles. Access into the pub could only be achieved by linking book.


The Pub was built in the late 4000s DE (c. 3657–2657 BCE), dedicated to the Watcher, although the tree found within the pub was constructed in the early 2000s DE (c. 5657–4657 BCE), long before the Watcher was born.

Right before the Fall of D'ni, ownership was transferred to Kadish, who would be the last person to own the pub prior to D'ni's fall. Believing himself to be the Grower, he constructed the Path of the Shell, which blocked access to the tree. He also placed the books to Er'cana and Ahnonay within the pub to help fulfill prophecies concerning the Grower. Kadish held nightly challenges to see if anyone could solve the Path of the Shell, but all who tried failed.