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Veovis was a Guild Master of the Guild of Writers in D'ni's final years and most known to history as one of the leading figures in D'ni's fall.


Early Life[edit]

Veovis was the son of Lord Rakeri. He was accepted into the Guild of Writers at a young age. He became friends with Aitrus, an adversary from his childhood, after Atirus saved his life during the construction of the Great Shaft. Veovis was very grateful towards him and promised to do anything for him in the future.

Aitrus and Anna[edit]

Veovis was against making contact with the surface dwellers, believing them to be barbaric compared to the D'ni. Veovis and Aitrus were divided on the subject, which strained their friendship, especially when Anna, a surface dweller, found her way into D'ni. Aitrus and his family soon took in Anna, though once Veovis found out that Aitrus was teaching her the Art, Veovis flew into a fit of rage. He broke off his friendship to Aitrus and convinced the Council to have the Guild of Maintainers confiscate the family's two Ages, Ko'ah and the unfinished Gemedet. He opposed the marriage of Aitrus and Ti'ana, though when Aitrus used his favor that Veovis had promised him when he saved his life, he was forced to change his vote.

Plotting D'ni's Fall[edit]

A while later, Veovis was convinced by his friend Suahrnir into meeting A'gaeris, a former member of the Guild of Writers who had been kicked out of the guild after being charged guilty of several crimes. However, A'gaeris, who was a master at forgery, managed to frame Veovis for trading in illicit books, as well as the murder of two young guildsmen. He was soon tried and pronounced guilty. He was stripped of his rank and was sent to a Prison Age.

About five years later, A'gaeris and Suahrnir helped Veovis to escape his prison age. The three committed several terrorist acts, including the bombing of the Ink-Works. He was soon caught however by Ti'ana and once again tried. The council was going to sentence him to death, but after the persuasion of Ti'ana, he was once again sent to another prison age, with its descriptive book burned after he was linked there.

The plan failed, as A'garis managed to free Veovis. Using K'veer as a base of operations, they planned D'ni's final fall. Using the fans that brought fresh air into the cavern, they released a deadly plague. They would then link the dead bodies into the Ages that the more fortunate D'ni had linked to, spreading it to the other ages.

With D'ni in ruins, A'gaeris ordered him to write an Age in which the two could be gods. Upon Veovis's refusal, A'gaeris stabbed him in the back. With his dying breath, he provided Aitrus with the means to defeat A'gaeris once and for all.


Veovis was proud of the D'ni and thought outsiders barbaric.

The following section is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

Role in the Franchise[edit]

Veovis appears in Myst: The Book of Ti'ana where he is one of the main characters. His actions cause the events of the rest of the series.