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The following article is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

Uru Music


Tim Larkin

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Uru Music, also known as Ur Su, Sumerian for "the tree grows",[citation needed] is an album containing a relatively small selection of the tracks composed by Tim Larkin for Uru.


# Title Length Heard in
1 Atrus Open 1:07 The Uru: Ages Beyond Myst intro
2 Beyond Gira 5:51 Eder Gira II (unreleased)
3 Out of the Hive 3:05 Kahlo (unreleased)
4 Badlands 2:31 Minkata
5 Gallery Theme 2:54 Kadish Gallery, and on the Relto cannen
6 Air Stream 4:11 The surface around the volcano and Cleft, although not within the Cleft itself
7 Yeesha's Theme 3:48 Yeesha's second recording in the Cleft
8 Convergence 2:58 Gahreesen, outside
9 The Well 3:27 Gahreesen, in the Well
10 Spore Me 2:41 The Teledahn link-in hut
11 Baron's Theme 2:16 The Baron's Office and the Spy Room
12 The Library 1:35 Within the Ae'gura Library
13 The Vault 6:15 Kadish Tolesa Vault
14 Trailer Music 2:26 Trailer for Ages Beyond Myst and the original Uru Live, and on the Relto music player in To D'ni
15 Fall of D'ni 3:06 Kahlo Pub and Great Zero Calibration Center
16 The Bahro 1:52 Bahro Caves
17 Dirt 2:07