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Uru: Complete Chronicles


Cyan Worlds



Release date

July 7, 2004

Locations visited

Preceded by

Myst IV: Revelation

Succeeded by

Myst V: End of Ages

Uru: Complete Chronicles is a bundle consisting of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst and its two expansion packs, To D'ni and The Path of the Shell.



"Oh, what a mess!"

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In 1988, Elias Zandi stumbles across the underground city of D'ni. After finding it, he starts the DRC, which begins to restore D'ni.

Years later, Explorers (players) start feeling drawn to the cleft. The Player finds Jeff Zandi and where they get a request from Yeesha to take her journey and help return the Bahro to the Cavern by finding the journeys in each age and moving the pillars. The player finds in the cleft tree a linking book to Relto. After link it is the player in this little island and finds four pillars to four ages: Teledahn, a mushroom world, Gahreesen, a fortress/maintainer age, Kadish Tolesa, a forest age written by Kadish and Eder Gira and Eder Kemo, two garden ages. When the player uncover the clues at these ages and the four pillars from the Bahro Cave moving to Relto, then the player must to be the pillars returns to the Bahro Cave. Back in Relto they comes a Star Fissure (like in the Myst opening and the end of Riven), the player jumps it and returns to the cleft and Yeesha says: the tree is growes again. The player link it to an rainy cleft version and Yeesha says: The ending has yet not been written. The player climbs it and sees Bahro on the volcano and one Bahro calls over the desert.

One year ago the player returns and explores Bevin, a neighborhood and finds a linking book, Nexus and explores Ae'gura, the main city of the D'ni Cavern, but the beginning of the Great Stair is blocked. The player returns to Teledahn and find a linking book to the Spy Room. The Explorer link it see a scope then looking and sees a code Bob'O Goobo. The player goes to Phil's Relto and find Kirel, a another neighborhood like Bevin but mirrored and goes to the light buttons from the Light garden, and unlock the Private Room(Egg Room). Then the player goes to the Great Zero at the top of Ae'gura and to find Markers and calibrate it. Back in Ae'gura, the beam of the Great Zero comes to the Tokotah Alley, and than comes Yeesha's new symbol a shell, the player jump it link to the Great Shaft.

While a few months after Uru: To D'ni the story wraps up of the DRC begun in Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, The path of the shell continues the story of Guild Master Kadish. Explorer's begin in the Watcher's Pub, a pub on the J'taeri district that Kadish owned around the Fall of D'ni. While visiting two ages written by Kadish, Ahnonay and Er'cana, the explorer uncovers clues to help solve the Path of the Shell, a puzzle that Kadish designed that guarded the tree just outside the pub.

After gaining access to the tree, the Explorer is linked to the Myst Library. Using clues uncovered in the two Ages, the Explorer gains access to the linking book to K'veer where Yeesha declares herself the Grower.

The journey continues with Uru Live.

Ages and locations visited[edit]