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D'ni City location
The Er'cana Silo, located in the Ashem'en district

KI coordinates



5475–5500 DE (2182–2156 BCE)

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The Ashem'en district (originally known as the Uran district), is a D'ni industrial district located on the cavern wall. Construction of the district began in 5475 DE (2182–2181 BCE) during the reign of King Me'emen, and the first goods began arriving there from other Ages in 5500 DE (2157–2156 BCE). The district was intended to replace the older Nehw'eril district, and on its opening was described as being "a tremendous improvement over the older Nehw'eril ... much more advanced ... much safer". Me'emen's son Ashem became extremely ill in 5540 DE (2117–2116 BCE) after investigating a new Age for potential biological hazards, dying six vaileetee later. A year after his death, Me'emen renamed the district from Uran to Ashem'en in his honor.

The only accessible part of the district at the moment is the Er'cana Silo, which can be used to test pellets and feed the lake algae.