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A head found in Achenar's room in Mechanical that is possibly one of the tree-dwellers

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The tree-dwellers were one of two known races that lived on the Age of Channelwood, the other being a group of humanoids who coexisted with the tree-dwellers.

They lived in a village built high in the trees and used water powered elevators to connect to the ground. As well as their own language, the tree-dwellers were capable of producing a natural ink, which Atrus would later use in his journal. When he visited, along with his sons Sirrus and Achenar, the tree-dwellers considered them gods. Although it made Atrus uncomfortable, his sons used that to their advantage years later when they had declared themselves rulers of theirs father's Ages. A temple located on the third level suggests that some of the Tree-dwellers were sacrificed on some sort of altar.

By the time the Stranger visited the age in 9462 DE (1806 CE), the tree-dwellers had mysteriously disappeared. While unclear what happened to them, a box in Achenar's secret room in Mechanical that contains a head of a monkey-like figure suggests that Sirrus and Achenar killed them all.