Tokotah Courtyard

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Tokotah Courtyard
D'ni City location
Tokotah Courtyard in its current state

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 0; Horizontal displacement (spans) 50; Vertical displacement (spans) -80

Appears in

The Tokotah Courtyard, sometimes referred to as the Tokotah Plaza, is the central plaza of Ae'gura. All large streets, including the Great Stair, lead here. Its name comes from the two buildings next to the plaza, Tokotah I and Tokotah II. The only object on the plaza is a large stalagmite on the line of the Great Zero with a tunnel through it. It is sometimes also called a "tree".

Current use[edit]

Currently there is a DRC tent in front of Tokotah I. There also used to be a podium to the right of the tent, but it has been removed.

The plaza is also a common place of gathering for the explorer community. It is usually very full around 12:00 KI time.