Tokotah Alley

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Tokotah Alley
D'ni City location
Tokotah Alkey in its current state

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 1,792; Horizontal displacement (spans) 56; Vertical displacement (spans) -81

Appears in

The Tokotah Alley is a small road that goes between the Tokotah I and II buildings. It ends at a cliff near the end of the buildings, as the path has collapsed. It also has a Nexus terminal.



When the beam of the Great Zero sweeps by the end of Tokotah Alley, a portal in the form of a shell will appear. It links to one of the Eder Tomahntee in the Great Shaft. Using the portal will also add a page with the same destination to the D'ni book on Relto.

Present day[edit]

The alley is identical to how it was in 2004, though the portal no longer appears at the end of the alley. Instead, a Bahro Stone can be found there in the neighborhood instance of Ae'gura, which leads to the same destination.