To D'ni Journal

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To D'ni Journal

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Hut on Relto

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Appears in

Uru: To D'ni

This was a journal only found on the Relto bookshelf in the To D'ni expansion pack.

The Journal[edit]

Ae'gura and Bevin There were some who came here thinking they could build the tree. But only a dead tree is built. Life cannot be assembled from remains. And now these builders are gone. What has happened to them? Are they now part of the remains or have they become part of the tree? For the tree does grow, the great cavern breathes, voices in places in the great void. The called continue their journey here. Building or growing it is their choice. One new book... given to open up parts in the cavern given to open up the origin given to open up a glimpse of the future.

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