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The following article is written from an In-Cavern (IC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered real.
Note: All dates before 1900 CE (9555 DE/9556 DE) are given in D'ni Time Units. Please keep in mind that the dates in surface time units given beside these are only approximations, and in some cases may be off by as much as a year.

This is a timeline of all events related to the D'ni Civilization, the life of Atrus and his family, and the restoration of D'ni by the DRC and explorers.

Pre-D'ni Era[edit]

207 BE (7864 BCE)
202 BE (7859 BCE)
117 BE (7774 BCE)
73 BE (7730 BCE)
  • Ri'neref leaves the Guild of Writers due to conflicts between his and the Grand Master's moral opinions.
  • Ri'neref starts writing Earth.
59 BE (7716 BCE)
  • Garternay's impending doom due to its dying star is made public.
50 BE (7707 BCE)
Before 0 DE (7657 BCE)
  • Ri'neref finishes writing Earth, and a group of surveyors are sent there to establish the Great Zero and the line emanating from it.

D'ni Era[edit]

Reign of King Ri'neref[edit]

DE (7657 BCE)
DE (7649 BCE/7648 BCE)
48 DE (7609 BCE)
63 DE (7594 BCE)
  • Construction of the Temple of Yahvo is completed.
84 DE (7573 BCE)
  • Construction begins on ventilation shafts and fans to the D'ni Cavern.
100 DE (7557 BCE/7556 BCE)
114 DE (7543 BCE)
  • Construction of the ventilation shafts and fans are completed. A small group of D'ni are said to have disappeared at this point; it is assumed they went up to the surface of Earth to live.

Reign of King Ailesh[edit]

120 DE (7537 BCE)
  • Ri'neref dies at the age of 327 of what is believed to be a heart attack.
  • Ailesh was previously chosen by the childless Ri'neref as his successor, and is thus crowned as the second King of D'ni.
233 DE (7424 BCE/7423 BCE)
  • Leefo 12 (May 7 7424 BCE): The first Common Library is opened. Ailesh had ordered the building of it so that all D'ni citizens could have access to Books.
256 DE (7401 BCE)
  • Shomat, Ailesh's third son is born (there is no specific information on when Ailesh's two older sons were born).

Reign of King Shomat[edit]

300 DE (7357 BCE)
  • Ailesh dies of natural causes, leaving three sons as survivors. Ailesh names his third son, Shomat, as his successor. Shomat is crowned as the third King of D'ni.
302 DE (7355 BCE)
347 DE (7310 BCE)
  • The Palace is completed. Shomat moves in with his family, except for his two older brothers.
387 DE (7270 BCE)
  • Shomat's older brothers disappear and are never heard from again. Supposedly, Shomat had lured his siblings into a Garden Age that was then modified by Grand Master Kenri of the Guild of Writers into becoming uninhabitable.
400 DE (7257 BCE)
  • Shomat is supplied with a prophetess who becomes Shomat's mentor and guide. Thus the tradition of Kings receiving prophetesses was started. Shomat is said to have become a better King for this.
475 DE (7182 BCE)

Reign of King Ja'kreen[edit]

555 DE (7102 BCE)
  • Shomat dies of natural causes. He was advised earlier by his prophetess to choose the son of one of his closest friends as his successor. Shomat had chosen Ja'kreen, and thus Ja'kreen is crowned as the fourth King of D'ni.
598 DE (7059 BCE)
600 DE (7057 BCE)
  • The design of the King's Arch is finished and construction is begun.
625 DE (7032 BCE)
  • The King's Arch is completed. Sometime during this, Ja'kreen orders the design and construction of the Temple of the Great King.
643 DE (7014 BCE)
  • Temple of the Great King is completed and the King's throne is moved there from Ri'neref's Temple.
654 DE (7003 BCE)
  • Ja'kreen's first son, J'taeri, is born.
664 DE (6993 BCE)
  • J'taeri dies of a rare disease. It is not known what the disease was, but records indicate extremely high temperatures and extremely sore and brittle bones.
Before 674 DE (6983 BCE)
  • Ja'kreen's first wife dies.
700 DE (6957 BCE)
  • Ja'kreen marries his second wife.
717 DE (6940 BCE)
  • Veesha, Ja'kreen's second son, is born.
775 DE (6882 BCE)
  • Ja'kreen encourages further private construction in Ae'gura, including the high class J'taeri district, named after his first son.

Reign of King Veesha[edit]

812 DE (6845 BCE)
  • Ja'kreen dies of natural causes, leaving the throne to his oldest surviving son Veesha who is crowned the fifth King of D'ni.
924 DE (6733 BCE)
  • Mararon, Veesha's fifth son, is born (there is no specific information on when Veesha's other children are born).
974 DE (6683 BCE)
  • Mararon ends up in a coma during his 50th year after a routine check of Ages, thought to be because of the inhalation of toxic gases. The Guild of Healers say that Mararon will never awaken.
  • In response to the Healers, Veesha gives a powerful speech, announcing to the D'ni that "Yahvo would heal his son and that he would awake again." Many disagree with Veesha's religious convictions.
977 DE (6680 BCE)
  • Mararon awakens from his coma, shocking everyone, besides Veesha, and causing them to look again at their own faith in Yahvo.

Reign of King Mararon[edit]

997 DE (6660 BCE)
  • Veesha dies of natural causes and names Mararon, his "reborn" son, as his successor, thus Mararon becomes the sixth King of D'ni.
1072 DE (6585 BCE)
1109 DE (6548 BCE)
  • Koreen, Mararon's eldest son, is born.
1124 DE (6533 BCE)

Reign of King Koreen[edit]

1159 DE (6498 BCE)
  • Mararon dies, possibly due to his habitual drug abuse or something related to the coma he was in, leaving the throne to his eldest son, Koreen, who becomes the seventh King of D'ni.
1303 DE (6354 BCE)
  • An unnamed Writer mysteriously leaves the Guild of Writers, and some Books and Ink go missing. A search for the missing Writer turns up nothing.
1320 DE (6337 BCE)

Pento War[edit]

1323 DE (6334 BCE/6333 BCE)
1352 DE (6305 BCE)
  • Koreen is assassinated by Pento warriors led by the Judges. Fifteen weeks later, Ahlsendar returns to D'ni and after retaking Ae'gura Palace, begins negotiations with the Pento warrior Mekarr.

Reign of King Ahlsendar[edit]

1376 DE (6281 BCE)
During Ahlsendar's reign
1399 DE (6258 BCE)
1423 DE (6234 BCE)
  • Solath, son of the Grand Master of the Guild of Writers during Ahlsendar's reign, is born.
1466 DE (6191 BCE)
  • Mekarr returns to D'ni using a Linking Book given to him by the Judges, and kills Ahlsendar's wife and two sons. Ahlsendar kills Mekarr and, two days later, releases the plague on the Age of Pento, killing the entire Pento civilization within three days. The plague is spread to other Ages by fleeing Pento.
1500 DE (6156 BCE)
  • Ahlsendar reveals his involvement in the spread of the plague.

Reign of King Solath[edit]

1502 DE (6155 BCE/6154 BCE)
  • Leefo 23 (May 22 6155 BCE): Ahlsendar seals himself in the Temple of the Great King with all infected Books and names Solath as his successor.
  • Around Leevobro 23 (December 27 6155 BCE): Solath is crowned as the ninth King of D'ni and the Temple of the Great King is renamed the Tomb of the Great King.
1520 DE (6137 BCE)
  • Ahlsendar's prophetess Nemiya writes "The Book of Nemiya" which denounces Ahlsendar's reign. It is initially met with harsh criticism.
1527 DE (6130 BCE)
  • Nemiya disappears and is never found.
1550 DE (6107 BCE)
  • Sentiment against the Great King Ahlsendar grows in the D'ni population, as Nemiya's writings become more and more accepted.
1604 DE (6053 BCE)
  • Solath announces plans to create the Karim district; a civic district that would contain an opera house and a concert hall, among other things.
1609 DE (6048 BCE)
1610 DE (6047 BCE)
  • Construction of the Karim district begins.
1650 DE (6007 BCE)
  • Karim district is completed, sparking excitement within the D'ni culture.
1735 DE (5922 BCE)
  • Solath's first wife dies leaving two daughters as survivors.
  • Not long later, Solath marries his second wife, Jolatha, against the advice of a prophetess.
1748 DE (5909 BCE)
  • Me'erta, Solath's first son, is born.

Reign of King Me'erta[edit]

1779 DE (5878 BCE)
1817 DE (5840 BCE)
  • Me'erta proposes a number of controversial changes, among them the construction of the Temple of the Tree, in all likelihood persuaded by Jolatha.
1843 DE (5814 BCE)
A few years after 1843 DE (5814 BCE)
1871 DE (5786 BCE)
  • Gan, Me'erta's son, is born.
1876 DE (5781 BCE)
  • The Temple of Water is finished, located on Me'erta's recommended line of the Great Zero.
1902 DE (5755 BCE)
  • The Temple of the Sacred Stone is completed, built on Me'erta's recommended line of the Great Zero. Much of the D'ni population begins to question Ri'neref's beliefs, and many cults spring up as a result.
1975 DE (5682 BCE)
  • Jolatha bribes Me'erta with Ramel into attempting to alter the rules and restrictions of the Writer's Guild, including the oath. Guild Master Tremal opposes the changes, and is later found dead, probably by order of Jolatha. The Writer's Guild adamantly refuses to implement the changes, in support of Tremal.
1999 DE (5658 BCE)
  • The seal placed on the Tomb of the Great King is broken in secret by Me'erta, persuaded by Jolatha, and Jolatha. Books and part of what Jolatha later claims was Ahlsendar's robe are stolen and placed in the Temple of the Tree.
  • Jolatha dies two days later from an unknown illness. Me'erta quietly orders the Tomb of the Great King sealed up again.
2014 DE (5643 BCE)

Reign of King Gan[edit]

2015 DE (5642 BCE)
  • Me'erta dies of poisoning, and the murderer is never found, though it is suggested that his wife, Ramel, or his son, Gan, who committed the act. Me'erta leaves the throne to his son Gan, who becomes the eleventh King of D'ni.
  • Six vaileetee later, the D'ni population begins to suffer from an evolved version of the plague Ahlsendar used to kill the Pento, which causes shortened lifespans and infertility among the D'ni.
2050 DE (5607 BCE)
  • Behnashiren, Gan's son, is born despite widespread infertility.

Reign of King Behnashiren[edit]

2070 DE (5587 BCE)
  • Gan dies, possibly from the plague, and leaves the throne to Behnashiren, who becomes the twelfth King of D'ni. Thus Gan ends up with the shortest reign (55 years) of any King.

Reign of King Hemelin[edit]

2193 DE (5464 BCE)
  • Behnashiren dies, leaving no survivors. The infertility caused by the plague had left D'ni with so few children that Behnashiren had difficulty choosing a successor. Behnashiren ends up choosing his uncle Hemelin, a choice many D'ni would attribute to a higher power. Hemelin becomes the thirteenth King of D'ni.
2255 DE (5402 BCE)
  • Hemelin falls ill from the plague.
  • Hemelin meets Lalen, who inspires him to stay alive.
2257 DE (5395 BCE)
  • The lost Books of Birenni are found by Lalen, containing a cure to the evolved version of the plague.
2262 DE (5395 BCE/5394 BCE)
  • The Guild of Healers, led by Guild Master Jaysem, considers the plague cured. By this point one-fourth of the D'ni population has died as a direct result of the plague.
  • Leevobro 12 (December 13 5395 BCE): Hemelin and Lalen are wed in a public ceremony open to all who wish to attend. This date, Leevobro 12, would become a common choice for the dates of D'ni weddings.
  • The D'ni Renaissance unofficially begins.
2270 DE (5387 BCE)
  • Naygen is born, the first post-plague child. Hemelin names Naygen his successor.
2294 DE (5363 BCE)
2350 DE (5307 BCE)
  • The Minor Guild of Miners announce their plans for drastic improvement in mining methods and technologies.

Reign of King Naygen[edit]

2356 DE (5301 BCE)
2375 DE (5282 BCE)
2397 DE (5260 BCE)
2408 DE (5249 BCE)
  • The musician Airem begins selling out concert halls composing music ridiculing the Great King.
2467 DE (5190 BCE)
  • Hinash, Naygen's third son, is born.
2488 DE (5169 BCE)
2500 DE (5157 BCE)
  • Naygen proposes construction of a Council chamber for the Guilds, to be built over the Tomb of the Great King.
2504 DE (5153 BCE)
  • By this point the Tomb of the Great King is barely visible; a symbol of what D'ni has become.

Reign of King Hinash[edit]

2533 DE (5124 BCE)
2535 DE (5122 BCE)
2577 DE (5080 BCE)
  • The construction of the new facility of the Guild of Miners begins, ordered by Hinash. It marks the first use of extrusion technology in construction; a much faster and more efficient means of building.
2580 DE (5077 BCE)
2704 DE (4953 BCE)
  • Hinash's first wife dies giving birth to Needrah, Hinash's fourth son.
2708 DE (4949 BCE)
2709 DE (4948 BCE)
  • Hinash weds his second wife, an outsider. Before this Hinash had been pushing for greater interaction with other cultures, so the marriage was met with little opposition.

Reign of King Needrah[edit]

2779 DE (4878 BCE)
2807 DE (4850 BCE)
  • Needrah tasks the great sculptor Lahkeer with the design of a monument to the discovery of the lost Books of Birenni, which proves Lahkeer's skill to the public.
  • During the remainder of his reign, four new districts are built: the Jaren residential district, the elite of the elite districts Kaleh, the Kali business district, and the Nehw'eril industrial district.
2840 DE (4817 BCE)
  • The great artist Fahlee is born.
2916 DE (4741 BCE)
  • The Guild of Mechanists announces industrial extrusion allowing for improved construction methods, including "uni-structural" buildings.
2919 DE (4738 BCE)
  • Rakeri, oldest son of one of Needrah's brothers, is born.

Reign of King Rakeri[edit]

3000 DE (4657 BCE)
  • Needrah dies with two daughters as survivors. He chooses Rakeri, the oldest son of his brother, as his successor, and thus Rakeri becomes the seventeenth King of D'ni.
  • Tevahr is born.
3065 DE (4592 BCE)
  • By this point Tevahr is apparently appalled at the state of his people, especially pertaining to religious matters.
3077 DE (4580 BCE)
  • Tevahr publicly denounces the sects and the apparent abandonment by the D'ni of the laws and principles of Yahvo. Most of the public seem to agree with him.
  • Rakeri is, at first, infuriated by the teachings of Tevahr and his apparent disapproval of the culture. Rakeri denounces Tehvahr and his teachings, and threatens to have him imprisoned.
3081 DE (4576 BCE)
  • Rakeri attends one of Tevahr's speeches, with the purpose of ridiculing him and giving the other side to the public. He instead ends up in a public debate with Tevahr, in which Tevahr clearly won, according to witnesses, bringing ridicule upon Rakeri instead of Tevahr. Rakeri, defeated, returns to his palace and thinks about what he has heard.
  • Five days later, Rakeri invites Tevahr to the palace. Later the same day, Rakeri announces to the public that he has chosen Tevahr as his main prophet and asks forgiveness from them for the wrongs, not only that he had committed, but that all of the Kings before him had committed.
3092 DE (4565 BCE)
  • Handheld extrusion technology is developed.
3100 DE (4557 BCE)
  • By this time, six hundred years after government records show there to have been 2500 registered sects, there are just 47 left, with only ten of these having a member count about five hundred.
  • The public seems to have mostly returned to the beliefs of Ri'neref and the Great King; the belief of Yahvo.
  • The people are again unified and major renovation is done on deteriorating districts. A new Theater Company and Concert Hall are built in the Belari district.
3105 DE (4552 BCE)
  • Tejara, Rakeri's oldest son, is born.
3112 DE (4545 BCE)
  • Rakeri announces, with Tevahr by his side, the renovations of the Great Temple, and that Ri'neref's line of the Great Zero was accurate and should be honored instead of Me'erta's modified line.
3122 DE/3123 DE (4535 BCE/4534 BCE)
  • The complete renovation of the Great Temple is completed.
3123 DE (4534 BCE)
  • The great artist Fahlee dies, six months after the completion of the Great Temple. Fahlee had been considered the greatest artist of the D'ni Renaissance, and was responsible for painting the inside of the Great Temple.
3143 DE (4514 BCE)
3218 DE (4439 BCE)
  • Tevahr dies, and Rakeri orders five days of national sadness.

Reign of King Tejara[edit]

3219 DE (4438 BCE)
3243 DE (4414 BCE)
3271 DE (4386 BCE)
3279 DE (4378 BCE)
  • The King's Age is presented to Tejara by the Guild of Writers. It is later discovered that Tejara had ordered the writing of that Age, and that the Writers of the Age had "died of a mysterious illness" afterwards.
3285 DE (4372 BCE)
  • Tejara's oldest brother is imprisoned for the creation of illicit Ages. It is later revealed that Tejara had set his brother up for the crime due to Tejara's jealous nature over women.
3298 DE (4359 BCE)
  • A Guild Master of the Guild of Miners is killed while inspecting the progress of new tunnels. It is later revealed that Tejara had the Guild Master killed due to the Master's previous history with one of Tejara's lovers.
3383 DE (4274 BCE)
  • Ti'amel, Tejara's third son, is born, though it is debatable whether or not Tejara's wife was the mother due to Tejara having so many "companions".

Reign of King Ti'amel[edit]

3422 DE (4235 BCE)
3469 DE (4188 BCE)
3477 DE (4180 BCE)
  • Ti'amel marries Shama who ends up bearing the authority of the King from this point on due to Ti'amel being consumed mostly with satisfying his own pleasures.
3500 DE (4157 BCE)
3523 DE (4134 BCE)
3574 DE (4083 BCE)
  • Kedri, Ti'amel's "first-born" son, is born.
3576 DE (4081 BCE)
3604 DE (4053 BCE)
  • Ti'amel's "first" daughter is born.
3646 DE (4011 BCE/4010 BCE)

Reign of King Kedri[edit]

3654 DE (4003 BCE)
  • Ti'amel dies, leaving the throne to Kedri who becomes the twentieth King of D'ni.
3686 DE (3971 BCE)
  • Kedri is married in a public ceremony, open to all that wish to attend.
3689 DE (3968 BCE)
  • Shama dies.
After 3701 DE (3956 BCE)
  • Kedri establishes the district of Shamathen on Ae'gura, a "more affordable" residential district.
  • Kedri donates the King's Age to the Common Library.
  • Kedri directs many renovation projects, including the renovation of the Belari district.
3803 DE (3854 BCE)
  • Lemashal, Kedri's first-born son, is born.
3890 DE (3767 BCE)

Reign of King Lemashal[edit]

3903 DE (3754 BCE)
3961 DE (3696 BCE)
3975 DE (3682 BCE)
  • Lemashal marries his second wife, an outsider. Like Hinash before him, Lemashal had been pushing for less restricted interaction between other cultures.
3995 DE (3662 BCE)
  • Lemashal's first son is born.
3998 DE (3659 BCE)
  • Ishek is born to Kedri's younger sister.
4014 DE (3643 BCE)
  • Lemashal's second son is born.
4030 DE (3627 BCE)
  • The Council decides only pure-blood D'ni are allowed to rule.
4031 DE (3626 BCE)
  • Lemashal signs the law into effect.

Reign of King Ishek[edit]

4083 DE (3574 BCE)
  • Lemashal dies. Because his son had not gained the approval of the D'ni to rule as King because of his mixed blood, Lemashal names Ishek his successor. Ishek becomes the twenty-second King of D'ni.
4103 DE (3554 BCE)
  • As Ishek and his wife are touring a food facility in the Age of Yimas, Ishek's wife is taken hostage by a group of natives.
Between 4103 DE (3554 BCE) and 4168 DE (3489 BCE)
  • The Yimas faction demand Ages of their own to rule over in exchange for Ishek's wife.
  • The Relyimah discover that another D'ni faction are leading the Yimas natives (like the Judges of Yahvo had led the Pento during the Pento War). The faction in question is thought to be either the Blood of Yahvo or the Light of D'ni.
  • Ishek's wife is found imprisoned in an Illegal Age.
  • Debate begins over whether or not the D'ni can be trusted to interact with other cultures.
4168 DE (3489 BCE)

Reign of King Loshemanesh[edit]

4291 DE (3366 BCE)
4305 DE (3352 BCE)
  • Loshemanesh passes a law punishing the creation or trading of illicit Ages with permanent imprisonment on solitary Prison Ages.
4307 DE (3350 BCE)
  • A law is passed punishing those that would coerce anyone else into committing a crime with permanent imprisonment.
4334 DE (3323 BCE)
  • Trases, a major mining Age, is half-destroyed when a native of that Age makes a mistake running the D'ni machines that had been put there. This is used as another argument by those D'ni wishing to seal themselves off from other cultures.
  • The Watcher is born, supposedly while his mother was linking from Trases back to D'ni.
4397 DE (3260 BCE)
  • 625 vaileetee after the Watcher's birth, while he is stargazing in the Age of Windring, the star of Ces seemingly explodes, lighting up the sky, and blinding him for 75 years. The Watcher claims that Yahvo spoke to him when this happened, telling him to wait, and to watch for Him.
4402 DE (3255 BCE)
  • Ji, the first-born son of Loshemanesh's younger brother, is born.

Reign of King Ji[edit]

4438 DE (3219 BCE)
  • Loshemanesh is assassinated by the same faction that kidnapped his mother, Ishek's wife. Having no survivors, Loshemanesh names Ji his successor. Ji becomes the twenty-fourth King of D'ni.
4472 DE (3185 BCE)
  • According to Words, exactly 75 years after losing his sight, and at the time of his birth, the Watcher regains it in the cavern of Rolep, climbing the stairs and seeing the "great tree of D'ni", and again hearing the voice of Yahvo, who claims to have restored the sight of the Watcher, and tells him that He will give him wisdom, for those to come. Following this, the Watcher supposedly receives five lines of wisdom from Yahvo each yahr for 125 yahrtee (~0.43 years), which he writes in the five sections of Words.
4500 DE (3157 BCE)
4502 DE (3155 BCE)
  • Ji marries his first wife, Milane, despite his prophetess advising against it.
  • The woman who would become Ji's second wife is born around this time.
4527 DE (3130 BCE)
  • Ji divorces Milane, which is the first time a King had divorced his wife.
4538 DE (3119 BCE)
  • Demath, the third son of one of Ji's close friends, is born.
4543 DE (3114 BCE)
4565 DE (3092 BCE)
  • Ji marries his second wife, rumored to be the daughter of The Watcher, though she denies it despite showing quite a bit of interest in The Watcher's writings and convincing Ji to do the same.
4606 DE (3051 BCE)
  • The Watcher is believed to have died, although later numerous rumors sprang up of people claiming to have seen and talked with him.
4645 DE (3012 BCE)
  • Ji's second wife disappears. Nothing conclusive is ever proven, though some believe she had been taken by outsiders, or that Ji had murdered her.
  • At some later point, Ji marries one of his prophetesses, a first for a King. They stay married until Ji's death.

Reign of King Demath[edit]

4692 DE (2965 BCE)
  • By this point Demath has become a Guild Master of the Guild of Maintainers.
  • Ji dies, leaving the throne to Demath, who becomes the twenty-fifth King of D'ni.
  • Demath orders a ban on all unnecessary links to outsiders.
  • The Council places much stricter relations with outsiders, with restrictions on outsider use of D'ni machinery and Linking Books, and Demath signs it into law.
  • The Relyimah are ordered by Demath to double their membership and find any and all who are illegally dealing with outsiders.
4721 DE (2936 BCE)
  • Demath pushes an amendment to force the Major Guilds to allow a percentage of students into the Guilds who had passed the entrance exams but could not afford the steep prices.
Between 4724 DE (2933 BCE) and 4752 DE (2905 BCE)
  • Many groups are convicted of the Loshemanesh Laws. It is later believed by most that the Relyimah played a role in the convictions. All of the convicted are sentenced to solitary confinement on Prison Ages.
4734 DE (2923 BCE)
4784 DE (2873 BCE)
  • An assassination attempt is carried out against Demath resulting in the deaths of two Relyimah members, who saved Demath's life in the process. The two men responsible are found.
4786 DE (2871 BCE)
  • The men responsible for the assassination attempt are executed (sent to a Death Age). This causes those D'ni that are against involvement with outsiders to feel even more strongly against it.
4826 DE (2831 BCE)
  • Fusion-compounding technology is developed around this time by some of the first members of the Guild of Stone Masons that were accepted because of Demath's amendment to the Guilds over a century prior. This technology would lead to the development of Nara.

Reign of King Yableshan[edit]

4843 DE (2814 BCE)
4865 DE (2792 BCE)
  • Yableshan's son is kidnapped by the Blood of Yahvo. After the Relyimah are unsuccessful at finding his son, he gives in to their demands to release one of their leaders. His son is killed and a few days later left on the steps of the palace.
4889 DE (2768 BCE)
  • Yableshan, in an effort to distract the D'ni people from the wars brewing over isolation versus involvement with other cultures, announces remodels for the Major Guilds, which is warmly received.
4901 DE (2756 BCE)
4910 DE (2747 BCE)
  • Yableshan announces plans for a park to be built on Neref Island.
4914 DE (2743 BCE)
4931 DE (2726 BCE)
  • Emen is born, and eventually becomes husband to Yableshan's younger sister.
4954 DE (2703 BCE)
  • An explosion occurs on the mining Age of Meanas, killing hundreds of outsiders and many D'ni. The explosion is caused by a reaction between two gasses, one from D'ni and the other native to the Age. This creates a further push for isolation from other cultures.
5043 DE (2614 BCE)

Reign of King Emen[edit]

5081 DE (2576 BCE)
5083 DE (2965 BCE)
  • Two members of the Relyimah mysteriously disappear and are never heard from again.
5093 DE (2564 BCE)
5095 DE (2562 BCE)
  • Over 23 islands in the D'ni cavern that were previously owned by the government are put up for sale by Emen.
5102 DE (2555 BCE)
  • Faresh's daughter dies mysteriously, reportedly from jumping from her bedroom window. The cause is never determined, though rumors circulate ranging from hauntings to members of D'ni factions being involved.
  • Some time later philosophical chaos occurs due to Words warning of similar events taking place.
5103 DE (2554 BCE)
  • Faresh leaves his mansion on Katha, claiming that he can't live with the memories of his daughter, giving it completely to the Relyimah.
5120 DE (2537 BCE)
5157 DE (2500 BCE)
  • Me'emen, Emen's first-born son, is born.
5202 DE (2455 BCE)
  • Emen approves a public ferry system allowing more access between various parts of the cavern.
  • Emen gives a small island in the Cavern to the Minor Guilds of Artists, Musicians, and Actors, who turn it into a Cultural Center.
5236 DE (2421 BCE)

Reign of King Me'emen[edit]

5240 DE (2417 BCE)
5307 DE (2350 BCE)
5312 DE (2345 BCE)
  • An outbreak of a disease supposedly originating from the Age of Yasefe occurs in the industrial district of Nehw'eril. Me'emen is encouraged to push for expansion to relocate the district far away from the City Proper.
5359 DE (2298 BCE)
5473 DE (2184 BCE)
5475 DE (2182 BCE)
  • The Uran district begins construction.
5500 DE (2157 BCE)
  • Adesh, Me'emen's nephew, is born.
  • The first imported goods begin arriving from other Ages to the Uran district.
5540 DE (2117 BCE)
  • Me'emen's only son, Ashem, becomes extremely ill, having fallen prey of an illness borne of one of the Ages he was sent to approve.
5540 DE/5541 DE (2117 BCE/2116 BCE)
  • Ashem dies of the illness. Me'emen spends his remaining years in the company of his prophetess Trisari.
5541 DE/5542 DE (2116 BCE/2115 BCE)
  • Me'emen changes the name of the Uran district to Ashem'en to honor his son.

Reign of King Adesh[edit]

5549 DE (2108 BCE)
5574 DE (2083 BCE)
  • The prophet Gish begins preaching against the Great King and Tevahr, and the people for claiming that taygahn was more important than following Yahvo's commands. Adesh publicly denounces Gish and arrests him numerous times, to no avail.
5589 DE (2068 BCE)
5603 DE (2054 BCE)
  • Lanaren, Adesh's first-born son, is born.
5644 DE (2013 BCE)
  • Hadev, who would later become a great musician, is born.
Before 5675 DE (1982 BCE)
  • Adesh, in a fit of rage, orders the Relyimah to kill Gish.
5675 DE (1982 BCE)
  • The Relyimah succeed in assassinating Gish, thus martyring him, causing outrage amongst Gish's followers and increasing their number. Not even many followers of the Great King are able to support him.
5700 DE (1957 BCE)

Reign of King Lanaren[edit]

5701 DE (1956 BCE)
  • Adesh is killed by one of his advisors, leaving the throne to Lanaren. Lanaren becomes the thirtieth King of D'ni.
  • Lanaren announces to the public the existence of the Relyimah, shocking the public and delivering a huge blow to everyone who had served the Relyimah. Many end up living in hidden Private Ages, while some others are murdered, despite their years of service to the government.
5714 DE (1943 BCE)
  • Lanaren pushes the plan to dig a tunnel to Ae'gura connecting it to the City Proper.
  • Lanaren orders the replacement of all Ages that require involvement from outsiders. The Guild Masters attempt it despite disagreeing with the amount of time involved in doing so.
5721 DE (1936 BCE)
  • New techniques are developed to incorporate structural reinforcement into extrusion-based construction.
5734 DE (1923 BCE)
  • The plan to dig the connecting tunnel to Ae'gura is canceled, despite the fact that Stone Tooth had been working on it for over twenty years. Though Lanaren cites possible environmental damage from the construction, it is agreed by most that the Guild Masters working on the replacement Ages had bullied him into canceling the plan.
5856 DE (1801 BCE)
5894 DE (1763 BCE)
  • The great musician Hadev dies.
5902 DE (1755 BCE)
  • The Guild of Writers announces four new Ages to replace Ages that required outsider involvement. The announcement serves little more than to convince factions against outsider involvement that it was finished. The replacement Ages are never used to the same extent the outsider Ages they replaced were.
5903 DE (1754 BCE)
  • The Lanaren District gains its first inhabitants, mostly manual laborers who work in the adjoining district of Ashem'en.
5945 DE (1712 BCE)
  • Asemlef, Lanaren's fifth son, is born.
5986 DE (1671 BCE)
  • The Relyimah officially cease all work, although they had by this point already stopped most of their work.
5993 DE (1671 BCE)
  • The famous singer Suah dies.

Reign of King Asemlef[edit]

5999 DE (1658 BCE)
During Asemlef's reign
  • Meetings are held between Asemlef and the more extreme isolationist factions. No official decisions are made, but the factions are calmed.
  • Two key writers from the Guild of Writers leave the Guild to join the Writers of Yahvo, a relatively small group (up until this point) that believed it was their duty to write the Perfect Age.
6034 DE (1623 BCE)
6201 DE (1456 BCE)
  • Jaron, Asemlef's third son, is born.

Reign of King Jaron[edit]

6284 DE (1372 BCE)
  • Asemlef dies, leaving the throne to Jaron who becomes the thirty-second King of D'ni.
6430 DE (1227 BCE)
During Jaron's reign
  • The isolationist factions are mostly dissolved, and members collectively refer to themselves as Followers of Yahvo.
6442 DE (1215 BCE)
  • Rikooth, Jaron's third son, is born.

Reign of King Rikooth[edit]

6498 DE (1159 BCE)
6510 DE (1147 BCE)
6556 DE (1101 BCE)
6601 DE (1056 BCE)
  • Extremely detailed reports on the new cavern return, informing Rikooth that the new cavern was habitable but would be very expensive to build in. Rikooth ultimately decides to expand the D'ni cavern proper, while Rock Biter and The Burrower would tunnel past the new cavern.
6676 DE (981 BCE)
  • Rikooth meets with leaders on the subject of outside involvement. He decides not to enforce any new strict rules or laws on interaction between outsiders, citing their contributions to D'ni society and their resources.
  • Kerath, Rikooth's third son, is born.
6700 DE (957 BCE)
  • Hisha and Kerath are expelled from Ae'gura Palace. Rikooth had apparently grown tired of her and her views and opinions.
During Rikooth's reign
  • Rikooth chooses one of Kerath's older brothers as his successor, but later, on his deathbed, names Kerath as his successor.

Reign of King Kerath[edit]

6731 DE (926 BCE/925 BCE)
During Kerath's reign
  • Kerath proposes replacing the authority of the King with the authority of the Guilds, specifically the Five Lords who would be chosen from the Grand Masters of the Guilds. By this point most of D'ni believed in the teachings of Gish and the fallacy of the Great King, Kerath included.
6970 DE (687 BCE)

Era of Lords[edit]

6977 DE (680 BCE/679 BCE)
6985 DE (672 BCE)
After Kerath's death
  • The Mee-Dis War occurs. Outside factions invade D'ni with attempts to destroy the Guilds of Ink Makers and Book Makers. It was, much later, discovered that conservative factions had led to the start of the war.
7000 DE (657 BCE)
7002 DE (655 BCE)
7034 DE (623 BCE)
7201 DE (456 BCE)
7245 DE (412 BCE)
8100s DE (444 CE - 544 CE)
Around 8500 DE (844 CE)
8745 DE (1084 CE)
8797 DE (1141 CE)
8990 DE (1334 CE)
8995 DE (1339 CE)
  • Hinahsh is given Teledahn as a present for his 250th birthday.
9005 DE (1349 CE)
  • Lord Hinash dies, leaving Teledahn to the Guild of Caterers.
    • Guild Captain Ventus tries to maintain and industrialize the Age, though the project fails and the Age is later sold off to a person named Manesmo in an auction.
    • Manesmo officially continues to harvest the spores in Teledahn and make bread out of them, but secretly also uses the Age to trade slaves who would later be sent to Rebek, where they would be used as prey in hunting games.
1694 CE
Around 9390 DE (1734 CE)
  • Aitrus draws his map of Descent, titled 'From D'ni to the Surface'.
1737 CE
Around 9395 DE (1739 CE)
9396 DE (1740 CE)
1741 CE
9400 DE (1744 CE/1745 CE)

Post-Fall Era[edit]

Pre-Stranger Events[edit]

1751 CE
  • Gehn runs away from the Cleft.
1752 CE
9411 DE (1755 CE/1756 CE)
  • Leefo (March/April 1755 CE):
    • Keta dies while giving birth to Atrus.
    • Gehn returns to D'ni, leaving Atrus with Ti'ana.
9417 DE (1761 CE/1762 CE)
  • Leevofo 8 (October 29 1761 CE): Gehn begins writing Riven.
1770 CE
  • Atrus conducts his battery experiment.
  • Gehn returns for Atrus and takes him to D'ni, with Ti'ana secretly following them.
9429 DE (1773 CE/1774 CE)
  • Leevot 22 (October 10 1773 CE): Atrus's Korfah V'ja ceremony occurs.
  • Gehn destroys Atrus's first Age, Inception.
1774 CE
9431 DE (1775 CE/1776 CE)
  • Leevosahn 13 (January 17 1776 CE): Atrus and Katran are married.
1776 CE
1778 CE
1786 CE
  • Ti'ana dies on one of Katran's Ages.
9457 DE (1801 CE/1802 CE)
9458 DE (1802 CE/1803 CE)
  • Leevotar 11 (February 20 1803 CE): Gehn first links to Age 233.

Stranger Events[edit]

9461 DE (1805 CE/1806 CE)
  • Leevotar 29 (March 14 1806 CE): Sirrus and Achenar betray their parents:
    • Katran is tricked by Sirrus and Achenar into returning to Riven.
    • Atrus is tricked into going to K'veer by Sirrus and Achenar and becomes trapped there.
    • Sirrus links to Spire and traps himself there.
    • Achenar links to Haven and traps himself there.
    • Gehn starts his second journal.
9462 DE (1806 CE/1807 CE)
  • Leebro 8 (June 5 1806 CE): Gehn imprisons Katran on Riven's Prison Island.
  • Leevot 25 (October 15 1806 CE): Sirrus begins his first journal in Spire.
  • Leevofo 10 (November 1 1806 CE): Atrus starts a journal documenting his stay in K'veer.
  • Leevobro 13 (December 11 1806 CE):
    • Events portrayed in Myst:
      • The Stranger finds Atrus's discarded Myst linking book.
      • They visit Stoneship, Selenitic, Mechanical, and Channelwood, retrieving red and blue pages demanded by the imprisoned Sirrus and Achenar.
      • The Stranger frees Atrus from K'veer.
      • Atrus hints that he may need the Stranger's aid once again in the future.
      • Atrus burns the Red and Blue Prison books and leaves the Stranger clues on how to access Rime.
    • Events portrayed in realMYST:
      • The Stranger returns to Myst and visits Rime.
  • Leevosahn 1 (January 2 1807 CE): Events portrayed in Riven: The Sequel to Myst:
    • Atrus requests the Stranger's help, who links to Riven with a D'ni Trap Book.
    • The trap book is stolen from them by the Moiety.
    • They gain access to Tay and reclaim the trap book.
    • They activate the Super Dome to power the Fire Marble Domes and gain access to Age 233.
    • They trap Gehn in the trap book.
    • They free Katran from Prison Island.
    • Katran relocates the Rivenese people to Tay.
    • The Stranger uses the telescope on the Star Fissure to open it, signaling Atrus, who comes to get the Stranger and Katran out of Riven.
    • Katran and Atrus link to Myst Island, while the Stranger returns to Earth through the Star Fissure.
    • Riven collapses.
  • Atrus and Katran move to Chroma'agana.
9466 DE (1810 CE/1811 CE)
  • Leevot 25 (October 15 1810 CE): Sirrus loses his first rock ship after it breaks free from the electromagnets.
9468 DE (1812 CE/1813 CE)
  • Leevot 25 (October 14 1812 CE): Atrus begins his journal about him writing Releeshahn.
  • Atrus begins to write Releeshahn.
1814 CE
  • Atrus finishes writing Releeshahn.
  • Atrus and Katran move to Tomahna.
1815 CE
  • Yeesha is born.
  • Events portrayed in Myst III: Exile:
    • Saavedro steals the Releeshahn Descriptive Book just when Atrus and the Stranger are about to link there.
    • Saavedro, pursued by the Stranger, links to J'nanin and locks himself in the observatory.
    • The Stranger manages to enter the observatory just as Saavedro links to Narayan, locking the linking book behind him.
    • The Stranger visits Edanna, Amateria and Voltaic in search of three symbols required to unlock the Narayan linking book again.
    • They find parts of Saavedro's Journal while doing so, which uncover to them Saavedro's history and some previous events.
    • They unlock the Narayan book and link there, finding Saavedro, who had expected Atrus.
    • The Stranger opens both shields using clues from Atrus's journal.
    • Saavedro requires the Stranger's help to pass through both shields and offers them the Releeshahn descriptive book as a reward.
    • Not trusting him, the Stranger traps Saavedro between the shields and forces him to give out the book in the first place.
    • The Stranger lets Saavedro return to the rest of Narayan and his people.
    • They link back to Tomahna, where they are received by Atrus and Katran.
9472 DE (1816 CE/1817 CE)
9473 DE (1817 CE/1818 CE)
  • Leevofo 29 (November 25 1817 CE): Atrus finishes construction of the viewer and views Haven and Spire.
  • Leenovoo 9 (March 26 1818 CE): Atrus notices Sirrus's technological achievements.
9475 DE (1819 CE/1820 CE)
  • Between Leevot 19 and Leevot 28 (October 7 - October 19 1819 CE): Atrus writes the linking chambers into Spire and Haven.
  • Leevot 28 (October 19 1819 CE): Sirrus begins his second journal on Spire.
9476 DE (1820 CE/1821 CE)
  • Leefo 19 (May 14 1820 CE): Sirrus begins his experiments on destroying the Nara linking chamber.
  • Leefo 29 (May 26 1820 CE): Sirrus learns of Yeesha's existence for the first time.
9478 DE (1822 CE/1823 CE)
  • Leebro 14 (June 13 1822 CE): Yeesha meets Sirrus for the first time.
9479 DE (1823 CE/1824 CE)
  • Leevobro 2 (November 28 1823 CE): Sirrus discovers that Yeesha is learning the Art and devises a new plan.
  • Sirrus asks Yeesha to convince their parents to give him a Nara chess set, which he later uses in his experiments to disrupt Nara.
  • Leevobro 14 (December 13 1823 CE): Atrus starts his journal about Serenia.
  • Leevobro 15 (December 14 1823 CE): Yeesha first visits Serenia.
9480 DE (1824 CE/1825 CE)
  • Leevot 28 (October 18 1824 CE): Sirrus discovers the correct frequency to disrupt Nara.
  • Leevofo 10 (November 1 1824 CE): Yeesha receives her necklace at her ceremony on Serenia.
  • Leevobro 2 (November 27 1824 CE): Events portrayed in Myst IV: Revelation:
    • The Stranger is invited to Tomahna by Atrus, who is in need of an objective opinion about releasing his sons.
    • The crystal viewer blows up and Atrus stops by the Cleft and Rime to get parts to repair it, leaving the Stranger alone with Yeesha.
    • Sirrus manages to escape from his prison, inadvertently knocks out the Stranger with a Crystal Bomb, kidnaps Yeesha and imprisons her in the Old Memory Chamber in Serenia.
    • The Stranger wakes up again and visits Spire and Haven.
    • They notice Achenar linking to Serenia and follow him there.
    • They encounter Sirrus blowing up the new harvester and at the old memory chamber, who tries to convince them that Achenar has kidnapped Yeesha.
    • They encounter Achenar stealing the Life Stone, who tries to convince him that Sirrus has kidnapped Yeesha.
    • With the protectors' help, the Stranger travels to Dream.
    • They manage to access the old memory chamber through a side entrance, using clues from Haven, Spire and Dream.
    • They stop Sirrus, who had already transferred his mind into Yeesha's body, from getting away and transfer Sirrus's mind back out with Achenar's help.
    • The Stranger travels back to Dream and separates Sirrus's mind from Yeesha's.
    • Sirrus dies, his spirit being crushed in Dream, because he can no longer hold on to Yeesha's.
    • The Stranger returns from Dream.
    • Achenar, poisoned by the old memory chamber's lethal fumes, dies in Yeehsa's arms, who is back in her body.
    • Katran takes Yeesha to Tay to recover, and Atrus talks with the Stranger about what happened.
c. 9487 DE (1831 CE/1832 CE)

Modern Era[edit]


Re-Discovery of D'ni[edit]

  • John and Elias reach the D'ni city on their third expedition.
  • Dr. Watson undertakes his first expedition to D'ni with John and Elias. Katran's journals are discovered.
  • John Loftin dies during an expedition.
  • Elias Zandi undergoes open-heart surgery.
  • Rand, Robyn, and Ryan Miller visit the D'ni City for the first time.
  • September 24: Cyan releases Myst, the first video game to be based on Katran's journals.
  • November: Elias disowns his son Jeff after the two have an argument over how the cavern should be restored.
  • March 3: Shroomie is first sighted in Teledahn by Douglas Sharper.
  • April 21: The first D'ni New Year, as confirmed by Richard A. Watson a year ago, occurs at 10:35:18 UTC, marking the beginning of the D'ni year 9654 DE.
  • May 5: The floodgate in Teledahn is made operational.
  • August:
  • October 1: Nick White starts translating documents for Douglas Sharper.
  • November 5: The solar generation tower in Teledahn is made operational.
  • A major expedition takes place, bringing needed machinery and tools to the City.
  • February 4: The water pump in Teledahn is made operational, but is not yet used.
  • March 4: After an argument with Dr. Watson, Douglas Sharper takes an extended break from restoration and takes a trip to Africa.
  • March: A detailed analysis of Teledahn is started.
  • April 21: The second confirmed D'ni New Year occurs at 4:24:03 PM UTC, marking the beginning of 9655 DE.
  • February 15: Douglas Sharper returns from his surface trip and continues the restoration of Teledahn.
  • March 3: Restoration is started on Ae'gura.
  • April 20: The third confirmed D'ni New Year occurs at 10:12:48 PM UTC, marking the beginning of 9656 DE.
  • May 28: Douglas Sharper finds "a very special book".
  • June 15: The spore transportation buckets in Teledahn are made operational.
  • July 2: The elevator in Teledahn is made operational.
  • August 12: Mentions of the Teledahn mining gun are first discovered.
  • September 26: Dahtamnay is discovered.
  • September:
    • Restoration of Dahtamnay is suspended due to the volatile environment.
    • Restoration of Pento is suspended due to unstable resources.
  • September 12: The lights in Teledahn are made operational.
  • October 30: The wooden walkways in the back areas of Teledahn are repaired and secured.
  • November 1: Teledahn is officially deemed safe for the general public by the DRC.
  • December: Phase 1 inspections of Kadish Tolesa are completed.
  • January: Restoration of Pirahnay is suspended during Phase 1 due to the DRC not fully understanding the Age.
  • February: Architectural analysis of Kadish Tolesa is completed though the Age is not approved for further restoration.
  • February 5: Douglas Sharper, having finished the restoration of Teledahn, helps with the restoration of Ae'gura.
  • March: Suspension of the restoration of Venalem is recommended due to the environmental ramifications of restoration not being known.
  • April 21: The fourth confirmed D'ni New Year occurs at 4:01:33 PM UTC, marking the beginning of 9657 DE.
  • May 7: Myst III: Exile is released.
  • May 12: A second Shroomie appears in Teledahn.
  • May 23: Groups of young Shroomies are discovered in Teledahn.
  • June: The restoration of Kahlo is suspended during Phase 4 due to new "resource" problems arising.
  • June 30: The Teledahn mining gun is installed at the docks, but is not yet operational.
  • August:
  • Q4: Initial mapping of Gahreesen Zone I (The Well) and Zone II (Training Center) is completed.
  • October: Phase 1 inspections of Eder Kemo are completed.
  • October 14: Douglas Sharper installs a fish tank in Teledahn in order to study young Flappers.
  • October 21: Restoration of the neighborhoods is started.
  • November:
    • A detailed analysis of Gahreesen Zone I is started.
    • A second architectural analysis of Kadish Tolesa is completed and the Age is approved for further restoration.
  • November 2: The KI is first discovered by Victor Laxman.
  • November 5: Douglas Sharper is given access to the Baron's Office and hides the linking book there in the fish tank.
  • November 22: Douglas Sharper is asked to start restoration work on Ahnonay.
  • December: Architectural analysis of Teledahn is completed.
  • December 4: Gahreesen Zone I gains Phase 2 approval.

First Restoration[edit]

  • January:
    • The DRC celebrates their five-year anniversary with the opening of a neighborhood.
    • Architectural analysis of Gahreesen I (The Well) is completed.
  • February 1: The first authorized explorers are allowed to visit a D'ni neighborhood.
  • February 6: The KI is first introduced.
  • March: The first D'ni neighborhood opens on a limited basis.
  • April 21: The fifth confirmed D'ni New Year occurs at 9:50:18 AM UTC, marking the beginning of 9658 DE.
    • The DRC opens their website up to the public for the first time, in order to celebrate the D'ni New Year.
  • April 25: Work is started on Phase 5 approval of Teledahn.
  • May: The DRC opens the first Age to authorized explorers.
  • May: Jeff Zandi starts leaving mysterious messages which the DRC does not approve of.
  • May 12: The first Bahro Stone is discovered, however upon being moved, it is soon afterwards returned to its original location by the Bahro.
  • June:
    • The Age of Teledahn is opened to authorized explorers.
    • The DRC's analysis of Gahreesen I is completed and transcribed.
  • June 20: Sharper discovers that the Bahro are afraid on the hanging rocks in Teledahn and uses this to prevent the Bahro Stone from being taken away.
  • July:
    • The first public tour is conducted of Bevin and "the Garden Age".
  • July 11: Restoration of Rebek is stopped.
  • August:
    • The DRC opens the first areas of Ae'gura to authorized explorers.
    • The DRC's analysis of Teledahn is completed and transcribed.
  • September: ResEng (Restoration Engineer) Phil Henderson leaves, claiming he won't come back.
  • September 9: Due to the mysterious happenings related to Phil Henderson leaving, Dr. Watson recommends the suspension of the restoration of Eder Kemo.
  • September 23: The vote to suspend restoration of Eder Kemo fails.
  • October:
    • The Nexus is opened to authorized explorers.
    • Phase 1 inspections of Eder Gira are completed.
  • November:
    • The neighborhood of Seret is opened to explorers.
    • A detailed analysis of the Kadish Gallery is started by the DRC.
  • December: The DRC focuses their efforts on several neighborhoods to accommodate more explorers.
  • January: Explorers enter D'ni without the DRC's authorization with assistance from Jeff Zandi.
  • February: The restoration of the Great Zero is suspended during Phase 1 due to insufficient resources.
  • March: Functionality is restored to the KI Dispenser in Gahreesen I (The Well).
  • April:
    • Restoration of Gahreesen II (Training Center) is reinitiated after it was previously suspended due to the suspension of Gahreesen III (outdoors).
    • Dr. Watson recommends the suspension of the restoration of the Sunken Vessel in Ae'gura due to the DRC needing more equipment to proceed.
  • April 21: The sixth and currently last confirmed D'ni New Year occurs at 3:39:03 PM UTC, marking the beginning of 9659 DE.
  • May:
  • May 20: Signs of a living D'ni survivor, Esher, are found.
  • June:
  • June 25: The mining gun in Teledahn is made operational.
  • August: Eder Gira gains Phase 5 approval.
  • September 22: Sonya Michaels starts working for the DRC.
  • October: The Age of Gahreesen is opened to explorers.
  • November: A detailed analysis of Eder Kemo is started.
  • November 17: The DRC officially opens the D'ni Cavern to the unauthorized explorers.
  • November 19: Phil Henderson returns to Eder Kemo, after being gone a year.
  • December: The Great Zero gains Phase 4 approval.
  • December 23: Phil is released by the DRC
  • December 26: Phil Henderson is presumably killed in a collapse in the Guild Hall. Dr. Watson leaves the Cavern.
  • January: The Great Zero gains Phase 5 approval.
  • February 4: The cavern's impending closure to the removal of the DRC's primary source of funding is made public.
  • Feburary 9: The DRC abandons their restoration effort due to lack of funding, although small groups of explorers remain.
  • September 29: Myst IV: Revelation is released.

Release of the Bahro[edit]

  • Events portrayed in Myst V: End of Ages:
    • Dr. Watson takes the Quest for the Tablet.
    • He encounters Yeesha and Esher, who inform him more about the Quest.
    • He travels down the Great Shaft, visits Tahgira, Todelmer, Noloben and Laki'ahn, where he brings Slates from each Age's Take to the Keep with the help of Esher and the Bahro.
    • During his journey, Esher tries to persuade Watson to give him the Tablet.
    • Watson unlocks the Tablet and gives it to the Bahro, freeing them.
    • A Bahro links him to Releeshahn, where he encounters Yeesha and Atrus, both thanking him for having taken their burden.
    • A few Bahro link Esher there, and Yeesha tells them that because they are free, they should "do to him, as they should to the Least." They link him away to an unknown location.

Second Restoration[edit]


  • January: DRC members begin to meet again.
  • February: DRC members return to the cavern.
  • March: The DRC requests liaisons from the explorers.
  • April: The first five liaisons are elected and the first town hall meetings are held.
  • May: The DRC receives limited funding to continue the restoration.
  • August 12: The restoration of Dahtamnay is suspended due to a lack of sufficient manpower.
  • August 15:
    • The restoration of the Cavern of Rolep is suspended due to stability tests failing for the third time.
    • Zone II of Eder Gira fails Phase 1 approval and is suspended.
  • August 16: Gahreesen III (outdoors) is suspended due to the local wildlife.
  • September 12: Phase 1 of the restoration of the Ae'gura Palace Courtyard is completed.
  • September 13: Restoration of the City Center is halted, awaiting structural stability phase seven.
  • September 14: Ae'gura City Interior 0078 passes Phase 2 approval processes.
  • September 30:
    • Restoration of Kahlo is suspended.
    • Restoration of Kalamee is suspended.
    • Restoration of Katha Island is suspended.
    • Restoration of Pento is suspended.
    • Restoration of Pirahnay is suspended.
    • Restoration of Rebek is suspended due to insufficient manpower.
    • Restoration of Venalem is suspended.
    • Restoration of 0023 Unknown is suspended.
    • Restoration of 0049 Unknown is suspended.
  • October 2: The J'taeri district is approved for Phase 2 of restoration.
  • October 19: Dr. Kodama votes for the suspension of Teledahn Zone II.
  • October 28: Rahtevnee gains tentative Phase 1 approval.
  • November 3:
  • November 12:
  • November 15: Ae'gura City Interior 0062 is inspected and deemed to require a structural integrity check and power.
  • December 2: The front entrance to the Guild Hall is secured and restoration is halted until further manpower can be allocated to it.
  • December 19: The Great Scream occurs. The scream of a Bahro resounds throughout D'ni and all Ages, and all explorers are linked to their Relto.
  • December 21: D'ni clocks appear in some neighborhoods.
  • December 23: All neighborhood imagers are repaired.
  • December 26: Telescopes are placed in all neighborhoods.
  • December 27: The doors to the Kadish Gallery are opened.
  • December 28: Neighborhood fountains become operational.
  • December 29: Inactive Ahyoheek tables are placed in all neighborhoods.
  • December 30: The neighborhood community rooms are opened.


  • The cavern is officially opened to explorers again.
  • January 3:
  • January 4:
  • January 5:
  • January 9: The neighborhood private rooms are opened.
  • January 10: The door to the Ferry Terminal docks is opened.
  • January 11:
  • January 12:
  • January 13:
  • January 14: Water toxicity levels in Ahnonay are deemed hazardous.
  • January 16: The Great Zero and its observation antechamber are opened.
  • January 17:
    • Payiferen is deemed ready for Phase 4 approval.
    • Tetsonot is deemed ready for Phase 4 approval.
  • January 18: Eder Delin is approved for release by the DRC.
  • January 19:
  • January 21:
  • January 22: Er'cana enters Phase 5 of restoration after a prioritization list is completed.
  • January 24: Restoration of Gahreesen II (Training Center) is halted, contingent on Laxman fixing the Wall.
  • January 30: A 'temporary' rope bridge is erected to allow a way to cross the broken bridge over the Ae'gura Canyon.
  • February 14: Eder Tsogal is approved for release by the DRC.
  • February 20: Snow begins to fall in Eder Delin.
  • March 1: The DRC releases Negilahn, the first pod on the Pod Age. Its linking book is put on display in the Ae'gura Museum.
  • March 2: Er'cana is delayed due to the ovens failing for the third time whilst being tested.
  • March 5: Tetsonot gains Phase 4 approval.
  • March 15: Dereno, the second pod, is released by the DRC to the public.
  • March 18: Ahnonay's restoration is delayed until a stability report can be completed.
  • March 21: Douglas Sharper, Nick White and Rils (an explorer) leave for an expedition in Negilahn, in search for a predator hunting down the local wildlife.
  • April 4: Payiferen is approved for release by the DRC.
  • April 5: The DRC releases Payiferen, the third pod, to the public.
  • April 13: Explorers begin to calibrate the Great Zero.
  • April 18: Tetsonot is approved for release by the DRC.
  • April 19: The DRC releases the last pod, Tetsonot, to the public.
  • April 25: A Bahro Stone leading to an Eder Tomahn in the Great Shaft is found in Tokotah Alley.
  • April 26: The DRC puts Nick White on probation for fraternization with explorers.
  • May 18: The DRC fires Nick White for violating the terms of his probation.
  • May 19: A small crack appears near the Kahlo Pub.
  • May 20: The growing crack causes a collapse, killing Rosette Taylor and trapping Wheely Engberg. The DRC closes down Ae'gura due to the collapse.
  • May 21: Ae'gura is reopened, with the exception of the Kahlo Pub.
  • May 22: The DRC finds the remains of Wheely, who had been killed by a Bahro moments prior.
  • May 23:
  • May 24: The DRC releases Minkata to the public and its linking book is placed in the Ae'gura Library.
  • June 22: The Watcher's Pub is approved for release by the DRC.
  • June 23:
    • Explorers are given the ability to create custom Great Zero marker missions.
    • The initial calibration of the Great Zero is completed.
    • The DRC opens the Watcher's Pub to the public.
  • June 24: The Great Zero is reactivated.
  • June 25:
  • June 26:
    • A memorial is installed near the Kahlo Pub to honor the memories of deceased explorers.
    • The DRC opens Er'cana to the public and its linking book is placed in the Watcher's Pub.
  • June 27: The DRC declares that the pellets made in Er'cana will help illuminate the algae in the lake.
  • June 28: Jalak Dador is deemed ready for Phase 4 approval.
  • July 30:
    • The neighborhood imagers are set up to accept pellet scores.
    • Douglas Sharper returns from Noloben, claiming to have killed a "bad" Bahro.
  • July 31:
    • Two Bahro appear in the Watcher's Pub with what appears to be the body of the Bahro Douglas Sharper killed.
    • The DRC opens Kirel to the public.
  • August 1: Bahro sightings in the Cavern and Ages dramatically increase.
  • August 2: The DRC opens Jalak Dador and places its linking book in the Ae'gura Library.
  • August 3:
    • The explorer Reteltee is appointed by the DRC as their 'Guild Advisor'.
    • Phil Henderson returns to the cavern repeatedly saying "he will return."
  • September 9: The DRC opens the Guild Pubs.
  • September 10: Michael Engberg returns to the cavern.
  • September 11: Dr. Watson returns to the cavern declaring that it was him who freed the Bahro.
  • September 12: Dr. Watson tries to convince explorers that the restoration is not the right thing to do.
  • November 1: Cate Alexander announces her resignation from the DRC, and GameTap ceases funding as well.
  • November 2: The DRC releases Ahnonay to the public.
  • November 3: Bahro swarm the Arch of Kerath.
  • November 4: Reteltee gives a speech in Kirel on his independent research into the history of the D'ni Guild system.
  • November 5:
  • February 4: The DRC announces the impending closure of the cavern.
  • April 9: The D'ni cavern is once again closed by the DRC.

Unofficial Restoration[edit]

  • April 15: New Bevin and Seret neighborhoods are correctly named "Hood" instead of "Bevin" by the KI and Nexus, to clarify that Bevin is a type of hood, not the D'ni word for it.
  • February 8:
  • May 29:
    • The mechanism powering the Er'cana oven elevator is repaired, preventing it from getting stuck.
    • Several bugs in the KI and Lattice are fixed.
  • August: The Intangibles announce their existence to the explorer community, revealing that they are working on restoring Ages and locations abandoned by the DRC when the restoration lost funding.
  • September 18: The D'ni cavern is temporarily closed due to a major Lattice error.
  • September 23: The cavern's reopening is delayed due to the irrevocable loss of Lattice memory.
  • September 26: The cavern is opened to explorers again.
  • October 1: A number of items that went missing while the cavern was closed are restored, and a few machines repaired.
  • February 3: A few new items of clothing are added to the Relto closet, created by explorers.
  • November 16: A new clothing design is added to the Relto closet, created by explorers.