The Stranger

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The Stranger
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"The stranger, the friend, helped Father save Mother. Imagine - a stranger - traveling to Riven - risking all, asking for nothing. I think of humility, thinking more of others."

The Stranger was a mysterious friend of Atrus and his family who lived around 9462 DE (1806 CE) to 9480 DE (1824 CE), known for aiding them on multiple occasions. Little to nothing is known about the Stranger, including their name, age, gender, and appearance. They are the main protagonist in Myst, Riven, Myst III: Exile, and Myst IV: Revelation, although not in Myst V: End of Ages, as they would presumably be long dead.



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On Leevobro 13, 9462 DE (December 12–13, 1806 CE), the Stranger found Atrus's discarded Myst linking book near the Cleft in what is modern day New Mexico, which they used to travel to Myst. After visiting Stoneship, Mechanical, Channelwood, and Selenitic, the Stranger found the book to K'veer, along with the page that Sirrus and Achenar had removed from Atrus's Myst linking book. The Stranger journeyed to K'veer, freeing Atrus from his prison.

Some weeks later, on Leevosahn 1, 9462 DE (January 2–3, 1807 CE), Atrus sent the Stranger to Riven. While there, they captured Gehn in the D'ni Prison Book and freed Atrus's wife Catherine. They then opened the Star Fissure to signal Atrus and used it to return home to Earth.

Nine years later, in 1815 CE, the Stranger was invited to Tomahna by Atrus. As they were about to visit Releeshahn with Atrus, Saavedro linked in and stole the Releeshahn Descriptive Book. The Stranger then pursued Saavedro through Atrus's Lesson Ages, before confronting him in Narayan. The Stranger then returned to Tomahna with the Descriptive Book.

Nine years after those events, on Leevobro 2, 9480 DE (November 27–28, 1824 CE), Atrus summoned the Stranger once again to Tomahna to help him decide what to do with his sons.


The Stranger was likely a surface dweller and fluent in English, as that is the only language that Atrus knew from Earth.

They had normal color vision and good hearing.

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According to the Prima Strategy Guide for Myst, the Stranger found the Myst book in a San Francisco library while looking for books on photography. They read the book, which described perfectly the island, and accidentally used the linking panel, found on the final page. There are several reasons as to why this cannot be canon. The Stranger could not have read the book as it would have been written using the garohevtee, and the linking panel would have been located on the first page, not the final one.

In Myst, should the Stranger choose to set either of the brothers free, they would take their place in the Trap Book. Should the Stranger go to K'veer without the missing page, they would become trapped there with Atrus.