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Ae'gura, also known as "The Island" (D'nirebantano, rebahntahno) or "The City," is the largest island in the D'ni cavern, on which was located the D'ni's governmental capital. Many important government buildings such as the palace, Guild Hall, and Great Zero were constructed there, in addition to public areas such as the Canyon Mall, a common library, and a museum. The districts located on Ae'gura were mostly upper-class, though under Kedri's reign the "more affordable" Kerath'en (originally Shamathen) district was constructed on the island.


Ae'gura was one of the first areas established when the followers of Ri'neref first came to the cavern. The Great Zero was the first structure built and a line was set that holy structures would be built on including the Arch of Kings (later renamed the Arch of Kerath) and the Temple of the Great King. This law was later be removed and the Guild Hall was built over the Temple of the Great King.

During the D'ni Restoration Council's restoration, they put much attention into restoring Ae'gura and much of the area has been opened to explorers, though the interior of many buildings as well as the Guild Hall, Arch Museum, and Aquarium remain off-limits.


D'ni citizens visiting the capital most likely came by ferry, which would first pass under the Arch of Kerath at the entrance of the harbor. They would then dock at the Ferry Terminal which was connected to the rest of the capital by the Great Stair. Halfway up the stairs is the entrance to the Kahlo Pub, located in the lower levels of the Tokotah II building. At the top of the great stair would be the Tokotah Courtyard where many paths went different ways. Two paths lead to the right. One lead to Palace and through the Hall of Kings and the other went by the Canyon Mall and Concert Hall before the two paths met up again and ended at the Ae'gura Library. To the left of the courtyard was the museum, the Tokotah I building and the Tokotah Alley which ran in between the two Tokotah buildings.

Also located somewhere in Ae'gura was the Great Bell, which would ring to indicate the death of a Great Lord or in times of danger.

The Ishah, Jaren, J'taeri, and Kerath'en districts were also located on Ae'gura.