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This is a note written by the DRC concerning the modern day Guild of Cartographers. It can be found at the Guild of Cartographers table in Kirel.



The Guild of Cartographers

Cartographers were expected to initially map new Ages as well as maintain those maps on a consistent basis. Most evidence points to the “maps” done by the Cartographers as being extremely comprehensive often including ocean floors, underground water sources, geography, etc....

In the future, we hope that the new Guild of Cartographers will create detailed maps and analyses of new Ages before they are released to the public. These maps will include geographical areas, machinery, instrumentation and the like.

About the Guilds

If you attempted to describe the whole of D'ni society in a single word, one of the words which would immediately come to mind would be “guilds.” The 18 Major Guilds were the backbone of D'ni: their foundation, their decision making, and their legacy. The structure the guilds provided—making sure that skills and traditions were consistently passed down from generation to generation—is one of the main factors that allowed the D'ni culture to exist, largely unchanged, for nearly 10,000 years in the Cavern.

With the opening of Kirel, the DRC hopes to take the first step toward honoring that legacy. The five Guilds represented in Kirel have been carefully chosen by the DRC to represent five areas which will be important for future restoration. The five Guilds represented here will be the first Guilds to be fully implemented when that day comes. Until then, read about the Guilds, wear a shirt that represents a Guild, and learn what it means to be part of the Guilds. Find those who are interested in the same Guilds, and discuss and imagine what a full Guild system would look like.

We realize that T-shirts and balloons are not anywhere close to the Guild systems of the D'ni. We do not pretend that they are. However, they are a step toward the majestic institutions that once ruled D'ni.