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"The door lies at the end of the path. Who will gather? Many. Who will finish? Few."

The gathered are a concept mentioned throughout Words. It is commonly believed that the gathered are those who have been called to the D'ni City; the explorers and the D'ni Restoration Council.

References in Words[edit]

Section 1[edit]

Lines 4-6[edit]

The door lies at the end of the path.
Who will gather? Many.
Who will finish? Few.

Lines 35-40[edit]

Knowing the least is the path of wisdom.
A sweet aroma rising up.
Kings and prophets, the proud ones have the stench of death.
The passing of time brings the path to the gathered.
A breach has been cut, and now the paths are joined.
The giving of gifts heals the wound of the builder.

Section 2[edit]

Lines 18-19[edit]

The action of the gathered means nothing.
The action of the deceived is toiling in vain.

Lines 45-55[edit]

When the tree dies there will come a new one.
A grower to learn of the death.
A grower to see new life.
A grower to bring the gathered.
A grower to restore the least.
A grower to move through time.
A grower to link at will.
A grower to follow the shell.
A grower to banish the darkness.
A grower to graft the branches.
A grower to join the paths.

Section 3[edit]

Lines 109-110[edit]

You toil and strive to write Ages and move stones.
The path of the stone is toil for the gathered.

Section 4[edit]

Lines 54-60[edit]

Do not fear the wound, it is a way of peace in time of need.
A place of patience;
A place of stone;
The gathered are known by their faces of stone.
A place to fall;
A place to be raised;
The gathered will fall into the wound.

Section 5[edit]

Lines 14-18[edit]

Do not put out the least for they will save you.
The gathered will tell of the path of the shell.
The bound will know of the path of the stone.
Words are many, but action is what is desired.
The gathered will find rest when the light comes.

Lines 29-32[edit]

The dreams of the wise are a gift from the Maker.
The cleft is a blessing to the gathered.
Contempt is a gift from the accuser.
Roll the stone to know the deceiver.