The Book of Nemiya

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The Book of Nemiya

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1520 DE (6137 BCE)

"He killed thousands ... betrayed us ... and left us with no one to guide us ... why do we believe his words ... and expect him to still return ..."
Nemiya, The Book of Nemiya (quoted by the DRC in the King Solath Notebook), Uru

The Book of Nemiya was a book written in 1520 DE (6137–6136 BCE) by the prophetess Nemiya, which denounced the words of the supposed 'Great King', Ahlsendar, whom Nemiya had served as prophetess, and contained logical arguments against all that Ahlsendar had written. Upon release it was met with great criticism from the D'ni public, as well as the reigning king at the time, Solath, and Nemiya was declared a fool and a heathen.

In 1527 DE (6130–6129 BCE), Nemiya disappeared, and was never found. Despite this, by 1550 DE (6107–6106 BCE), there was a growing sentiment among the D'ni that Nemiya had in fact been correct, and that the book was true.