Temple of the Great King

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The Temple of the Great King (later known as the Tomb of the Great King) was a temple built in 7013 BC during the reign of King Ja'reen.

The building was built by the specifications given in the Regeltavok Oorpah which called for it to be built unusually large. Many people questioned its size, the Ja'kreen would hear nothing of it. Once finished, Ja'kreen ordered a gold throne to be moved from the Temple of Yahvo to the Temple of the Great King.

In 6156 BC, the Great King Ahlsendar was sealed inside the temple after relieving his part in the Pento plague. All of the books that lead to Ages infected with the plague were placed with him in the temple, as well as books that connected the D'ni to their past, such as the book to Terahnee. The necessity for the unusual size was at last made clear as it was to store all of the books.

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