Temple Island

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Temple Island
Temple Island in its final days




Powering the Fire Marble Domes

Appears in

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Temple Island (RiveneseAllapo, meaning 'water pool'), referred to by the Moiety as Allatwan (Rivenese, meaning 'pool of stars'), was one of the five islands that made up the Age of Riven. Although it is really two islands, it is considered one since the two are so close together. It is the location of the link-in point to Riven, where Gehn placed a cage in an attempt to recover a Linking Book any personnel who linked in had.

Points of interest on the island include the rotating Gateroom, the temple where the villagers would worship Gehn, and the gold Super Dome, which powered all of the Fire Marble Domes and dominates most of the island.

It was also the location of the Star Fissure, which Gehn sealed up and placed a telescope on.