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{{lang-d'ni|[Dnifont rendering]|[RTS rendering]|[translation/meaning]|[second translation/meaning]}}
Parameter no. Parameter name Meaning
1 d Dnifont rendering (will display in D'ni)
2 r RTS rendering. If the word's D'ni spelling isn't known, this can just be whatever transliteration is given.
3 m Translation/meaning of the D'ni word.
4 m2 Second translation/meaning
5 l Literal meaning, if different from idiomatic meaning
ld Longer form of the word (Dnifont)
lr Longer form of the word (RTS)
sd Shortened name in Dnifont (generally for Guilds)
sr Shortened name in RTS


The examples used here aren't amazing, but they show what the template can do.

All parameters except shortened name[edit]

({{lang-d'ni|D'nE|D'nee|new beginning|new start|new again}})

would give: (D'niD'nE, D'nee, meaning 'new beginning' or 'new start' (literally "new again"))

Guild name (shortened name)[edit]


would give: (D'nitelokbErEtantE, telokhbeereetahntee, shortened to telbErE, telbeeree)

Dnifont and meaning[edit]

({{lang-d'ni|Kor'nEa|m=blank book}})

would give: (D'niKor'nEa, meaning 'blank book')

Unknown D'ni spelling (with meaning)[edit]

Not entirely sure where this could be used, but,

({{lang-d'ni|r=tolesa|m=sealed place}})

would give: (D'nitolesa, meaning 'sealed place')

Dnifont only[edit]


would give: (D'nialsenDar)

Meaning only[edit]

({{lang-d'ni|m=heavily scarred}})

would give: (D'ni, meaning 'heavily scarred')

Template redirects[edit]