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lang Templates[edit]

Use one of these instead of this template:


Parameter Meaning
lang Name of the language (eg. "D'ni", "Ronay", "Rivenese"). The language name will be linked to '[lang] language', unless link is specified.
link The page name for the language. Optional; see above parameter; though may be required for some languages, such as Serani.
d Dnifont rendering (will display in D'ni). Optional; only used in the D'ni and Ronay templates.
r Anglicized rendering / transliteration.
ld Longer form of the word (Dnifont)
lr Longer form of the word (anglicized rendering / transliteration)
m Translation/meaning of the word/phrase.
m2 Second translation/meaning
l Literal meaning, if different from idiomatic meaning
sd Shortened version of word/phrase in Dnifont (generally for Guilds); only used in the D'ni and Ronay templates.
sr Shortened version of word/phrase; transliteration / anglicized rendering