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This template can be used to present single D'ni hahr, alongside the corresponding Gregorian years, in a readable format. This is a wrapper template for Template:dnidatebase, alongside Template:dnihahr2, Template:dnidate, Template:dnidate2, and Template:journaldate.

An optional vailee and hahr can also be specified, which are not displayed and only serve to increase the precision of the Gregorian conversion.

Note: As the D'ni New Hahr is slowly moving backwards through the Gregorian calendar year over time, this template will produce incorrect Gregorian conversions for dates in the far-future/past if only the hahr is specified, due to the simplified conversion formula that this template uses. However, all relevant dates, from the earliest known Before Earth dates to the present day, are well within those boundaries.


Parameter Description
1 h Proleptic-hahr part of D'ni date. The proleptic hahr is negative for BE hahrtee; eg. 207 BE would be -207. Required.
2 v Vailee-of-hahr (name or number) part of D'ni date. Not displayed. Optional. Requires h.
3 y Yahr-of-vailee part of D'ni date. Not displayed. Optional. Requires v.
hidegregorian If filled, hides the Gregorian part of the date. Optional.
largegregorian If filled, makes the Gregorian dates normal-sized (instead of small). Optional. Ignored if hidegregorian is filled.
nolink If filled, removes the link(s) to BE/DE, leaving the era unlinked. Optional.
tooltip If filled, places the Gregorian dates in a tooltip instead of in brackets. Optional. Ignored if hidegregorian is filled.


Wikitext Output
9462 DE (1806–1807 CE)
9462 DE (1807 CE)
2262 DE
7656 DE (1 BCE – 1 CE)
207 BE

Commonly-used dates[edit]

For other dates, refer to the timeline.