Tarpin shal

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"The "tarpin shal" is Negilahn's most famous creature and if you get a chance to see one drop down on an unsuspecting animal below it, you'll know why. You'll have to look carefully on the high branches, they are sometimes hard to see but they are worth the effort."
Tarpin shal
A DRC sketch of a tarpin shal

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The tarpin shal (pl. tarpin shals), or drop-claw, is a species of animal indigenous to the jungles of Negilahn. They wait in the high branches of the trees there, extending their 'claw' when an animal passes underneath. Prior to the Fall of D'ni, the tarpin shal was Negilahn's most famous creature. Young tarpin shals, before they attach themselves to a branch, are known as oocha paras. The life cycle of tarpin shals is apparently related in some way to gahtsai.