Sutherland Point

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Kamkenta2BlueTransSmall.png The official name of the subject of this article is not known, and the name used is either conjectural or is the name that the subject is most commonly referred to as by fans.
Sutherland Point
D'ni City location
Sutherland Point in its current condition

KI coordinates

Clockwise angle from Great Zero line (torantee) 58,209; Horizontal displacement (spans) 55; Vertical displacement (spans) -78

Appears in

Sutherland Point, often mistakenly referred to as the Palace Courtyard, is a small courtyard in Ae'gura located near the Hall of Kings, overlooking the canyon and Canyon Mall. Its original name, if any existed, has been lost, and it has been named Sutherland Point due to the first known KI pictures of Marie Sutherland having been taken there.