Survey Island

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Survey Island
Survey Island in 9462 DE (1807 CE)




  • Surveying and charting the Riven islands
  • Keeping six Wahrks

Appears in

Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Survey Island (also know as Map Island or Garden Island) was one of the five islands that made up the Age of Riven before its collapse. During Riven's final years, it was used only by Gehn and his guild masters to chart the decay of the Riven islands and spy on the Rivenese village on Jungle Island.


Below the island, Gehn built his survey room. Next to it is a Wahrk tank, visible through a giant window, in which six Wahrks were originally kept. However, only one was still alive when the Stranger visited Riven in 1806. It was also possible to call a specific Wahrk from the survey room by turning colored lights on and off, as each Wahrk reacted to a different color. The last Wahrk in the tank reacted to red light. Mag-Levs connect the island to Book Assembly and Jungle Islands. The top of the island was surrounded by Wahrk tusks to intimidate the Rivenese.



The following Section is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.
An early picture of Survey Island

In early development, the island was called Garden Island after the formal English gardens that covered the island at that time. The gardens were removed after Richard Vander Wende came on board as they more resembled the architecture of Myst rather than the style of Riven.