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Sunken Gears

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Sunken Gears
The gears in 1806


Myst Island


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The Sunken Gears were built by Atrus sometime during his 30-year stay on Myst Island. While the purpose for the gear laying on its side remains unknown, the other one served as a Place of Protection for Mechanical, whose linking book was stowed inside. The gear would only open if the correct combination was put into the device in the clocktower.

After being uninhabited for 200 years, the island has fallen into decay. By 2005, the gears have rusted shut and the mechanism to open them in the clocktower does not work anymore either.



Myst Island
Previous Inhabitants

Ti'ana · Atrus · Catherine · Sirrus · Achenar

Places of Protection

Library · Tree Elevator · Sunken Gears · Dock and Ship · Spaceship


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