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Stoneship in 9462 DE (1806 CE)


Inhabited Age (previously)

Written by





Several natives, including Will, Branch, and Emmit.

Linking Books to Age found in

The Sunken Ship on Myst Island.

Writings about Age

Stoneship Journal

Appears in

" I attempted to create a boat by writing it into the world. I thought everything was planned correctly, yet somehow the boat had become gripped by the rock and broken in half."

Stoneship, originally called The Rocks by the natives of the Age, is an Age written by Atrus during his 30 year stay on Myst Island. The main part of the Age consists mostly and archipelago of small rocks. One of which is much larger than the others and two half's of a ship are wedged in between due to one of Atrus's failed experiments.


Although it was never revealed how he got there, the first known inhabitant was a boy named Emmit, who named the Age "The Rocks." After a while, another boy appeared on The Rocks, whom Emmit named Branch. Branch then lived on the rock that Emmit lived on. One day, Branch noticed another boy swimming near the rocks. Branch then took the new boy to Emmit, who named him Will, who then joined their group.

Later, Atrus wrote a link there and met the three boys. He then attempted to write a ship into the Age, but when it was written in, it was split into two parts connected to a giant rock. The boys still loved it anyway. After that, they noticed strange lights off in the distance and built a lighthouse.

Ten years later, Atrus revisited it to discover that a small settlement had been started and it not rained since he had left. He also noted that the water level had gone up.

Later, Sirrus and Achenar raided and plundered the Age. By the time the Stranger visited Stoneship, it was deserted.

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