Star Fissure

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The Star Fissure is the empty space between Ages. It can only be accessed in decaying worlds, where a crack in the Age itself has appeared. The Star Fissure has appeared in Riven, and on Earth, in New Mexico.


The Stranger starts his adventures in the star fissure, where he finds the Myst Linking Book Atrus dropped. The Star Fissure is aptly named, as it appears like a crack in the ground that leads to outer space. It does not, however, but the effect of empty space and the white dots of all the ages visible creates an uncanny resemblance to the night sky. Atrus believes that the Star Fissure is a strong and mystical force, tied together with the folds of destiny. How else would a single linking book, and a single human, in all that emptiness, happen together? He trusts this force so completely as to believe that the star fissure is a safe path back home for the stranger.