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Spy Room

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Spy Room
D'ni City location
The Spy Room in its present state

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An extra part of the room in To D'ni that is not present in Uru Live.

The Spy Room (sometimes called Spyroom or Old Spy Room) is a small room located in the Tokotah II building in Ae'gura. It contains a lamp and a telescope pointed at a DRC conference room. The conference room is located in Tokotah I, making the Spy Room part of Tokotah II.


The Spy Room's former purpose is unknown, although espionage seems very likely as the telescope is pointed directly at the conference room. During the restoration it has also been used by Douglas Sharper to spy on DRC meetings.

In 2004[edit]

After the DRC abandoned their efforts in 2004, the spy room could be reached from a linking book in Teledahn. The room contained two linking books, one to Phil's Relto and the other to Sharper's office in Teledahn. Sharper's hat could also be found there. When looking through the telescope, a map could be seen in the conference room, with the name "Bob O' Goobo" on it. This was a hint on how to access the egg room in Kirel.

Present Day[edit]

The Bahro Stone in Teledahn that leads to the Spy Room.

The room can still be accessed, though a Bahro Stone is used in place of a linking book. The room is much smaller, as the rubble seems to have been removed and the former doorway sealed off. The linking book to Phil's Relto is still there, however the Teledahn linking book and Sharper's hat are gone. When looking through the telescope, the map of Kirel is no longer there, because the egg room is not accessible, even with the light garden combination.