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Spire in 9480 DE (1824 CE)


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“A soaring, rock-and-crystal spire rising out of dense clouds like the watchtower of some gem-studded castle.”

Spire is a Prison Age written by Atrus along with its sister Age Haven to lure greedy explorers from plundering his Ages. Spire is able to support life so that its prisoners would not die, but rather live out their sentences. Atrus warned his sons Sirrus and Achenar about Spire, stating it would be dangerous to link there without him. However Sirrus was fooled by the Linking Panel that Spire was inhabited and he linked there in the hopes that he could rule another Age. He would then spend twenty years of his life on Spire, trying to escape his imprisonment.


Some time prior to 9461 DE (1806 CE) when he was living on Myst Island, Atrus wrote the Age called Spire with the intent that it would serve as a prison Age. He only made one visit to the Age wherein he made sure it could support life. Then, when he linked away, he dropped his Myst linking book off edge of the tower formation, allowing it to fall out of the reach of future prisoners. Following his visit to the sister prison Age Haven, Atrus wrote an additional linking book to Spire and placed it on display at the Myst Library. He warned Sirrus and Achenar of the books and forbade them to ever link to Spire or Haven.

After the brothers succeeded in trapping Atrus in K'veer and Catherine on Riven, Sirrus linked to Spire convinced that the Age held another civilization for him to rule. It wasn't long after his arrival that realized he was trapped. He soon reasoned that Atrus jumped off the structure as he linked away, and that the linking book was probably on the ground.

Sirrus became obsessed with reaching the nearest "island" which he was convinced was inhabited due to witnessing flickering lights from it. This led him to believe the island must have a way of reaching the ground. Determined as ever to find the linking book, Sirrus spent the majority of the first ten years of his imprisonment creating a bridge to the island utilizing Spire's floating rocks.

In 9475 DE (1819 CE), Atrus and Catherine wrote a Linking Chamber into the very top of the Age so they could communicate with their son.

In 9480 DE (1824 CE), Sirrus succeeded in breaking open the Linking chamber and linked to Tomahna, never to return. The Stranger would visit a few hours later and discover what Sirrus had been up to during his imprisonment.


Spire is made up of a series of giant rocks floating amidst the lower two of three dense cloud layers a significant distance above the planet's luminous green 'surface', which in appearance resembles that of a star or gas giant. The rock islands (referred to as "palaces" by Sirrus) were eroded by the wind over long periods of time, forming stairs, tunnels, and arches, but through the linking panel they appeared like man-made structures and were the primary reason Sirrus was fooled into thinking the Age was inhabited.

A type of plant growing on the main palace in between the first and second cloud layer is Spire's sole life-form. While they possess enough nutritional value for one to survive off of, they lack flavor and do not grow in abundance.

A dim sun can be seen above the third cloud layer.

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