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Time of rule

1502–1779 DE (6155–5877 BCE)






King Solath Notebook


1422–1423 DE (age Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".)


1779 DE (aged 356)

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Solath (D'nisolaT, Solahth) was the father of Me'erta and the eighth King of D'ni.


Solath was born in 1423 DE (6234–6233 BCE). He was the son of the Grand Master of the Guild of Writers during Ahlsendar's reign who had helped develop that plague that destroyed Pento. When Ahlsendar sealed himself inside the Temple of the Great King, he chose Solath as the next King of D'ni, though his reasoning remains unknown.

When he took the throne, he was given a new crown as Ahlsendar had taken the original one with him inside the temple and the D'ni felt his crown should not be worn again.

In 1520 DE (6137–6136 BCE), Ahseldar's prophetess Nemiya wrote The Book of Nemiya which denounced Ahlsendar as the great king, calling him a fraud. The D'ni were outraged at the book, Solath most of all. She vanished in 1527 DE (6130–6129 BCE), though the cause of her disappearance remained a mystery.

In 1604 DE (6053–6052 BCE), Solath revealed the plans to a new civil district, Karim, which would have both an opera house and a concert hall. In 1610 DE (6047–6046 BCE) construction began and the district opened in 1650 DE (6007–6006 BCE). The new district caused great excitement for the D'ni and it served as a distraction for the matter concerning the Great King.

In 1735 DE (5922–5921 BCE), Solath's first wife passed away and he was left to raise two daughters. He soon remarried to a younger women named Jolatha. His prophetess advised against the marriage as Jolatha was a member of the cult group The Tree, though Solath would forever deny that.

Solath died in 1779 DE (5878–5877 BCE) at the age of 356. He left the throne to his first-born son Me'erta.