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Sirrus's Speech Outside the Memory Chamber

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"It's you! Thank God you've come.

Achenar's kidnapped my little sister. He says he'll kill her if I don't help him steal Serenia's treasures.

Look, I know you have no reason to trust me. You saw me blow up the harvester. But, I only did it to stop Achenar from poisoning the Memory Chamber. His confinement on Haven drove him totally insane. All he cares about now is destroying everything Father created. We have to stop him.

Go back to Tomahna and find my father; explain everything that's happened here. For some reason Achenar is terrified of Father. Maybe if you bring him here, the three of us can somehow maneuver my sick brother into a trap.

I'll try to get Yeesha away from him while you're gone.

Now go.

GO! Before it's too late. - Sirrus

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