Sirrus's Fourth Speech

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Bluebook1.jpg This article contains information that is not entirely canon to the Myst storyline.


"With each page I can see you more clearly. Soon .... free from this horrible prison, this book. You must visit the one remaining age which you have not .... confident that you .... clear to you that my brother Achenar is demented. He is guilty. .... took advantage of the freedom our father had given us to .... Achenar began to take .... conquest and destruction .... I ask you again .... Do not retrieve the blue pages. .... He will destroy both myself and you, just as he destroyed the other ages of Myst. .... never will escape .... To release me you must simply bring the red page. .... tell you the story that I .... your wisdom .... you will see that I am innocent and he is guilty. .... this forgotten island long ago. .... I will owe you my life and you will be greatly rewarded." - Sirrus

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