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Sirrus on Serenia in 9480 DE (1824 CE)




1778 CE (age Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".)


Leevobro 3, 9480 DE (aged 45–46)

Home Age

Myst Island


½ Rivenese, Human, D'ni



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Sirrus was the youngest son of Atrus and Catherine and the brother of Achenar and Yeesha.


Early life[edit]

Sirrus and Achenar playing on Myst Island

Born on Myst Island in 1778 CE, he was the second-born of the family, as Achenar had been born two years before. He was named after the star Sirius due to his father's love of astronomy. At a young age, Sirrus visited Everdunes with his father and Achenar and met one of the natives, Pran. When Sirrus was eight, Ti'ana, Atrus's grandmother died while visiting one of Catherine's ages. Atrus, taking it very personally, busied himself with work, and Sirrus began to feel rejected. At one point, Atrus took Sirrus and Achenar to Serenia to learn their customs and rituals.

After that, Atrus rarely took his sons with him on trips as he felt they would just get in the way. However, his views changed when he brought Sirrus and Achenar to help build a fortress on Mechanical.

A few years later, Atrus brought Sirrus and Achenar to Channelwood and the two quickly picked up the native language. Atrus then left Sirrus and Achenar in Channelwood while he visited Everdunes and Osmoian. He returned a few days later to find that Sirrus and Achenar had constructed a boat with the tree-dwellers.

Sirrus later helped his father build the Mazerunner in Selenitic, as well as some of Rime's machinery.

Lesson Ages and gaining power[edit]

When Sirrus was 16 years old, Atrus wrote the lesson Ages to teach Sirrus and Achenar the Art. After completing the three main Ages, Sirrus and Achenar visited Narayan where they were taught by Saavedro about the importance of the Lattice Tree balance necessary for civilization. Sirrus and Achenar were quick to master many of the Narayan's horticultural techniques.

Sirrus and Achenar on Narayan

Sirrus and Achenar returned to Narayan five years later and convinced the younger generation that they could fix Narayan so that they would no longer have to tend to the Lattice Tree. In doing so, they started a civil war. However Saavedro followed them to J'nanin, and confronted the brothers begging them to fix the damaged they had done. However, the two just laughed and tied Saavedro to a post where he watched Sirrus and Achenar use their Myst linking books over a fire so as they linked away the books fell into the fire and were burned.

Sirrus began to plunder his father's Ages of their resources. He declared himself king of several of them. However, Sirrus and his brother Achenar would often clash of their views of how to rule the Ages. Eventually, they began to burn the books. Atrus found out about it, but he wasn't sure which of his sons he should accuse. He hid the books that Sirrus and Achenar did not burn in their Places of Protection, though he did leave the Haven and Spire linking books on display.

Sirrus's recording in Channelwood

When Sirrus was 28, he convinced Achenar to put their differences behind and help him get rid of their parents. Achenar agreed, and they told Catherine that Atrus had decided to go to Riven, and he awaited her arrival in K'veer. After Catherine had left, the brothers told Atrus of her doings and he immediately prepared to go to D'ni himself. Sirrus then left Achenar a message in his imager on Channelwood informing him of their fathers soon departure and ordered him to remove a page from the Myst linking book that Atrus would take with him so that he could not return to Myst.

With their parents imprisoned in K'veer and Riven, the two brothers began work on a machine in Serenia's old Memory Chamber to extract their father's memories of writing Age so that they could finally learn the Art. However, the two got in a horrible fight and Sirrus even tried to blame Achenar for the Narayan civil war. Achenar left when Sirrus asked him to try out the chair that they were to put Atrus in. Sirrus then decided to use the Spire linking book on display in the Myst library that Atrus forbidden them access to.


Sirrus upon arrival in Spire

Soon after Sirrus arrived in Spire, he realized he was trapped, and there was no inhabitants to rule. He spent his first nights at a small clearing where he built a campfire. Thinking that Atrus dropped his Myst linking book over the side of the palace, he used a rope to descend into the heart of the main palace. There he stumbled upon a cavern filled with plants that, though not scrumptious, were nutritious, so he established his permanent living quarters. By the sixth month of his imprisonment, he had also set up a lab. He spent most of his time during the first few months trying to reach the ground, but was unable to get below the first cloud layer. Seeing lights in the nearby palace, he hoped that that was inhabited after all.


For the next ten years, he conducted several experiments with the magnetic properties of Spire's rocks and soon found a way to create a ship out of one of the larger rocks that he could use to fly to the nearby palace. On Leevot 25, 9466 DE (October 15–16, 1810 CE), Sirrus tried his first ship, though it failed. It wasn't for another few years that he would finally succeeded in reaching the nearby palace. Upon finally descending below the first cloud layer, he discovered to his horror that the formations he lived on floated about a gas planet and that the Age was truly uninhabited. Declaring that he would not be defeated, he slunk off back to the first palace.

Escape and death[edit]

In 9475 DE (1819 CE), Atrus and Catherine wrote a Linking Chamber into Spire so that they could visit Sirrus. Sirrus soon discovered the chamber and realized that somehow Atrus escaped his imprisonment in K'veer. However, it also gave Sirrus a potential way out. In the hopes that they would let him free, he pretend to be a "repentant sinner," though Atrus remained skeptical. Sirrus knew his mother felt guilty about leaving him captive, so he carved a statue of the family on Myst to play on her guilt.

In 9476 DE (1820 CE), Sirrus began to create bombs out of Spire's crystals. A few weeks after Sirrus began his experiments, Atrus and Catherine revealed to him that he had a sister, although he would not meet her for another two years.

When he first met Yeesha, he was unsure of what to think of her. The two would get along fine, however and would even play chess. However, Sirrus was consumed with rage when he found out that Atrus was teaching her the Art. He then conceived the idea to use the Memory Chamber on Serenia to switch bodies with Yeesha so that he could learn the Art. Using the Nara chess pieces from a set that Sirrus pursued Yeesha to give him as a present, he managed to find the correct frequencies for Nara. On Leevobro 2, 9480 DE (November 27–28, 1824 CE), he finally blew open the Linking Chamber and escaped Spire.

The brothers' reunion

His first stop was Haven, where he blew open the Age's Linking Chamber in the hopes that Achenar would help him. He then returned to Tomahna where he tried to kidnap Yeesha. However, she fled to Haven to seek Achenar's assistance. Sirrus confronted his brother and the two engaged in a fight where Sirrus knocked Achenar out using a crystal bomb. He then proceeded to Serenia where he strapped Yeesha to the chair that had been intended for Atrus. He then proceeded to the Harvester which he used to retrieve a few empty Memory Globes. However, as the Harvester resurfaced, Sirrus noticed the Stranger watching him. He quickly packed up the globes and blew up the Harvester using a Crystal Bomb. He returned to the Memory Chamber, though at some point left and encountered the Stranger again where he attempted to use his silver tongue to claim it was Achenar who had kidnapped Yeesha. He then returned to memory chamber where he used a special machine to enter Dream.

Sirrus in the Life Tank

The transfer worked, and as a result Sirrus now controlled Yeesha's body. The Stranger soon arrived, and although Sirrus (in Yeesha's body) tried to convince the Stranger to free her, Achenar shows up and reveals Sirrus's scheme. Trusting Achenar, the Stranger pulls a lever which reversed the transfer. Sirrus escaped into the Dream realm where he used memories that he and Yeesha shared as anchors.

The Stranger, however, entered Dream and succeeded in loosening Sirrus's grip on Yeesha, and as he had no guide, his mind was crushed, killing him and leaving his body in a vegetative state.

Personality and background[edit]

According to Dr. Watson, Sirrus is named after the star Sirius, due to his father's love of astronomy.

In the first game, his "rooms" in Mechanical, Stoneship, and Channelwood were all richly furnished, in sharp contrast with Achenar's rooms; such treasures as gold and jewels can be found in his Mechanical and Stoneship "rooms", but the contents of a certain drawer also suggest that he may have been a drug addict at some point. A note from Achenar on a wine rack in a hidden chamber of his "room" in Mechanical, from before the arrival of the Stranger, suggests that Achenar's accusations of Sirrus being boundlessly greedy was not just a lie told to trick the Stranger. Sirrus also had a telescope in Mechanical that is fixed to observe Bob's skeleton hanging from a mast when the fortress is turned to a certain orientation; what that may suggest about his personality in his earlier life is unclear.

The following sections are written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

Role in the franchise[edit]

Sirrus appears in two of the five Myst games, Myst and Myst IV: Revelation, where he is the antagonist of both. He is mentioned in Myst: The Book of Atrus and Myst V: End of Ages. His previous actions play an important role in Myst III: Exile.


Sirrus in "The Joining"

Sirrus appears in the comic book The Joining, however his personality is switched with Achenar.

In Myst, in 9462 DE (1806 CE), while Sirrus was imprisoned in the Red Prison Book, he saw the Stranger and begged them to bring him red pages. If the Stranger does so and brings him all six, they will trigger a bad ending. However, if the Stranger makes the right choice, then Atrus burns the book, along with Achenar's book.

In 9480 DE (1824 CE), if the Stranger had not pulled the amber lever, Sirrus, disguised in Yeesha's body, would have killed Achenar and the Stranger.