Second Recording in J'nanin

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"Not so easy, is it, Atrus? Running like a rat through a maze, looking for some sign that'll help you save your world. "Is it over here? Is it over there? Is it someplace I can't find?"

Sirrus and Achenar didn't care about saving Narayan. All that talk about fixing instabilities, rewriting the age so that we would be free to live our lives, that was just talk to hide the truth of why they had come. But we believed their lies, Atrus. So we abandoned our traditions, forgetting that those traditions were keeping Narayan alive. And when the lattice trees started to die, I followed them here to tell them what they had done. And they laughed. They said they would never fix Narayan. They said that they had already taken everything it had worth saving.

So my dear old friend, Atrus, I brought you to this place where your education begins. Find the remaining two symbols and then come see what your boys did to Narayan." - Saavedro