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Saavedro on Narayan in 1815 CE



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Brad Dourif


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Saavedro is a native of the Age of Narayan and the husband of Tamra.


Teaching Sirrus and Achenar[edit]

Saavedro was the the first person Atrus encountered after arriving on Narayan, one of the Ages he had written links to help teach his sons, Sirrus and Achenar the Art. After talking to him, Saavedro agreed to teach Atrus's sons about the necessary balance for a civilization to flourish. The lessons seemed to go well, though Atrus took his sons away before they actually learned the Art.

Caught in the middle
Five years later the brothers returned to Narayan claiming that they could fix Narayan so that the Narayani would no longer have to tend to the Lattice Tree. Although Saavedro was unsure, the brothers managed to convince several of the younger natives and it began a civil war, causing the elders to neglect the Lattice Tree. When the brothers left, Saavedro followed them to J'nanin and confronted them on what they had done. As he begged them to fix what they had done, the brothers laughed, tying Saavedro to a post and started a fire which they used their Myst linking books over so that after they had used them, they fell into the fire, leaving Saavedro trapped.


Although he could return to Narayan, he could never manage to figure out how to open the outer shield to the link-in chamber, so he could not return to his people, whom he believed dead. He had access to all five of the lesson ages and lived off the plants in Edanna and experimented with them, creating several hybrids.

After 20 years of exile, Saavedro had gone all but mad. He tried painting the face of his beloved wife Tamra in the lab in the J'nanin Observatory, but he could not remember her eyes, leaving that section of her face blank.

Planning Revenge[edit]

One day, in 1815 CE, Atrus returned to J'nanin to seek inspiration for Releeshahn, the new home for the D'ni that he was writting. Saavedro hid out of sight and Atrus was unaware of his presence. Atrus did not stay long, as memories of his sons overtook him and used the linking book back to his new home, Tomahna that he had brought with him, leaving the door open for Saavedro. Later, he followed Atrus to Tomahna where he read Atrus's journals in which he learned about giving the D'ni new life. However he misinterpreted it that Atrus was bringing the D'ni back from the dead, while in truth he was just writing them a new Age. Saavedro began to devise a scheme of luring Atrus to J'nanin in order to take his own lesson and ultimately lead him to Narayan to see what his sons had done in the hopes that he would fix Narayan. He painted a mural in each of the lesson Ages each depicting a scene of Sirrus and Achenar starting the rebellion.

Stealing Releeshahn
When Saavedro was finally ready, he linked to Tomahna, just as Atrus and the Stranger were about to leave for Releeshahn. He set Atrus's study on fire using a Fire Marble and stole the Releeshahn Descriptive Book. He then used the J'nanin linking book he had brought with him from Narayan, and assumed that Atrus would follow him. When he arrived in J'nanin, he ran into the tower and used the Narayan linking book where he awaited Atrus's arrival.
Discovering Narayan is not dead
However when someone did get to Narayan, it was not Atrus, but the Stranger who had followed. After cursing himself, he told the Stranger that there was no way out and warned them that if they did find one, then they should think very carefully about using it.
Going home
The Stranger was able to open the outer shield, however, and Saavedro saw to his delight that his people were not dead. However, he soon found himself in a tricky situation with the two shields that required the help of the Stranger saying that if they did help him, he would return the Releeshahn book. Trapping Saavedro between the two shields, the Stranger managed to get the Releeshahn book and allowed Saavedro to at last return to his people.


The Myst III: Exile Prima Offical Strategy Guide describes Saavedro as a free-thinker with aspirations of becoming an Elder in Narayani culture and one who wanted what was best for his people.

The following article is written from an Out-of-Cavern (OOC) perspective. All fictional events should be considered fictional.

Role in the franchise[edit]

Saavedro appears only in Myst III: Exile, in which he is the antagonist. He can also be seen in a memory in Myst IV: Revelation. An action figure of Saavedro was released with Myst III: Exile, though the box misspelled his name "Saveedro".


Saavedro was played by Brad Dourif, and American actor who is known for his role of Gríma Wormtongue in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, amongst many other roles.