Relto Bookshelf

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The bookshelf in Myst Online: Uru Live
The bookshelf in Uru: Complete Chronicles with using Drizzle with Fan Ages
The bookshelf in Phil's Relto

The Relto Bookshelf was a bookshelf built into the left wall inside the hut on Relto. It has two rows, each has eighteen slots for Linking Books.

Linking Books[edit]

Phil's Bookshelf[edit]

The bookshelf on Phil's Relto differs from that on all other known Reltos. Until Uru: The Path of the Shell it matched the shelves of all other explorers of that time, except for a Kirel instead of a Bevin linking book, and many additional books, none of which have been seen before. The Kirel book is also the only unlocked one.

In Uru Live, most of the books are still the same as before and the shelf layout has not changed to that of all other current Reltos. The Kirel book has however been locked, and all of the Path of the Shell books have been replaced. Instead of books to the Watcher's Pub, Er'cana, Ahnonay Cathedral, Ahnonay and Myst Island, there are now books to Dereno, Teledahn (for the second time), Negilahn, Er'cana and Myst Island. The last two books are also not the original ones, but newer books to the same locations.