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"Relto, the High Place, your Age now. It was the first Age I wrote, a gift for my parents, and now much more. It reminds me of another home, another place. I even placed the Library in the place it belongs. But Relto will change. It will be your soul, showing what you are. Only I could write Relto, it's beyond what the D'ni could accomplish. Keep it."

Relto (D'nirelto, meaning 'The High Place') was the first Age written by Yeesha. Originally written as a gift for her parents, the Age was modeled after their previous home, Myst. The Age now serves as a home for explorers and as a place to showcase items they have collected along their journey. Relto's Linking Book breaks several rules of the Art, as it travels with its owner and can be modified. Additionally, the Age is instanced, with each Relto book leading to a different instance of the Age. One Relto of note is Phil's Relto, which differs from other Relto instances in a few ways, and is publicly accessible to all explorers.


The most noticeable location on Relto is a small hut modeled after the Myst Library. Inside, there are two bookshelves, one for linking books to all the Ages its explorer visits along their travels, and one for journals that provide clues for some of the Ages. A wardrobe stands in-between the two bookshelves which holds all of the explorer's clothing. A Relto page found in Eder Kemo adds a rug, one in Teledahn adds a better roof, one in the Great Shaft adds a cannen, and one in Er'cana a few fire marbles.

Left bookshelf[edit]

A complete Relto bookshelf
A complete bookshelf in 2004
The bookshelf on Phil's Relto

The left-hand bookshelf contains 36 slots (18 per row) for holding Linking Books, which specific books automatically appear in as the Relto's owner visits new Ages. Phil Henderson manually filled the remaining empty slots in his Relto's bookshelf with unknown Linking Books; likely books leading to unapproved Ages, given his then-status as a DRC ResEng.

List of linking books[edit]

Right bookshelf[edit]

The right-hand bookshelf contains journals placed there by Yeesha to help guide explorers in their journeys.

List of books[edit]



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See also: Explorer clothing

The hut also contains a wardrobe, containing a range of clothing for explorers to change into

Linking books[edit]

A Relto linking book
A Relto linking book on an explorer's belt

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  • It is modeled after Myst Island, with the library, dock, and clock appearing in their corresponding locations.
  • Phil Henderson has a Relto page to make it night on his Relto.
  • It is one of the most visited Ages in Uru, next to Earth.




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