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Bluebook1.jpg This article contains information that is not entirely canon to the Myst storyline.
Red Prison Book


Myst Island



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In Myst[edit]

Sirrus in the Book

The Red Prison Book was a Trap Book that Atrus wrote to keep greedy explorers from going to his ages. In 1806, Sirrus used it, not knowing it was a trap book and was imprisoned. When the Stranger came to Myst Island, Sirrus begged him to bring him red pages, and begged him to set him free. The Stranger instead freed Atrus from K'veer, who then burned the trap book.

However, if the player chooses to free Sirrus, the player and Sirrus would instantly change places. After a few mocking words, Sirrus, rips all the pages out of the book.

In Myst IV: Revelation[edit]

Another Spire linking book in Myst IV

In Myst IV, the red book was never a trap book, but a regular linking book leading to Spire, an age where there were no linking books, thus Sirrus was trapped. It also makes it quite clear that Sirrus never made contact with the Stranger, though he does seem to recognize the Stranger when he encounters him on Serenia.

This also means that when Atrus burned the book in the Myst Library, it did not effect Sirrus in any way.