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c. 8012 DE (356–357 CE)


Rebek creatures

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Rebek (D'nirebeK) is a D'ni Age written around 8012 DE (356–357 CE) that was used by as an illegal Sport Age before the Fall of D'ni. At the time of the Fall, slaves held in Teledahn would be sent to the Age, where they would be used as prey in hunting games. The Age was discovered by the D'ni Restoration Council during the First Restoration, and is currently being restored by the explorer and Intangible Keith Lord. The Age is in Phase 4 of restoration.


Initial colonization and enslavement[edit]

The Age of Rebek was written and first linked to around 8012 DE (356–357 CE), and the first D'ni to arrive there immediately discovered that the Age was inhabited by a species of intelligent and incredibly strong creatures. The D'ni saw little to no harm in the control of these creatures, and so began to trade them throughout the D'ni civilization for use as workhorses. According to rumor, the D'ni settlers of the Age were aware of the true extent of the creatures' intelligence (near-sapient, if not sapient), but covered up the evidence of this in order to continue their trade.

The creatures became popular workhorses in D'ni and its Ages, though over the years were being overworked, and their population began to drop slowly. The creatures also began to become much less docile than they had been originally, and in 8503 DE (847–848 CE) a group of six D'ni were killed by a well-organized group of the enslaved creatures. A month later a similar incident occurred, in response to which the D'ni government banned further use of the creatures.

Hunting games[edit]

Shortly after the ban on usage of the Rebek creatures, the Age of Rebek was officially closed, though its owners continued to frequent the Age, and began to hunt the creatures (with the government's knowledge). By 8590 DE (934–935 CE), a small portion of the D'ni population was participating in the hunts, and a lodge was constructed in the Age. Organized hunting trips, or "tours", were also started. Due to the creatures' intelligence, the more the D'ni hunted them, the more difficult and dangerous the hunts became, always challenging the D'ni hunters.

Eventually, by around 9000 DE (1344–1345 CE), the creatures had become almost extinct, a fact that threatened the continuation of the games, though the hunts had become so popular that a fairly large number of citizens enjoyed watching and participating in them. The members of this group were all fairly wealthy, and were willing to spend large amounts of money to continue the hunts. An effort to hide the Age was started, led by Lord Balishek, and in 9005 DE (1349–1350 CE) they succeeded in hiding the book leading to Rebek; in the public's eye, it disappeared and was presumed to be destroyed, though the truth was later discovered.

Shortly after the Age was hidden, slaves from other Ages began being transported to Rebek and trained to match the skills of the best D'ni hunters, in order to take the creatures' place as prey in the hunting games. As time went on, the slaves were given targets and weapons, and obstacle courses were created, in order to make the matches "more competitive", since the creatures had been extremely difficult to hunt, and the D'ni did not consider the games to be "worthy of spectators" unless there was a chance that the hunter could be killed. The slaves were promised freedom if they managed to kill the D'ni hunters, though it is not known whether or not these promises were ever truly kept.

Over time, this activity became fairly well-known, and while it remained illegal, it also remained easy to find for those who wished to participate or watch, and the government did not devote considerable resources to attempting to stop the games. The hunting games became a very elite activity, with high wagers placed on the winners, as individuals had to pay large amounts of money to even watch the games, let alone to participate.

In 9375 DE (1719–1720 CE), 25 years before the Fall of D'ni, the Age of Teledahn, under the ownership of Manesmo, began to be used as storage for the slaves that would be used as prey in the hunting games in Rebek. A powder that grew in animals native to Teledahn began to be given to the slaves in order to give them an adrenaline rush when fighting.

Restoration history[edit]

The D'ni Restoration Council discovered Rebek at some point during the First Restoration, and at one point Nick White performed translation work for documents relating to the Age. By the Fall of D'ni, the D'ni had presumed the Rebek creatures to be extinct, though the DRC discovered that a number of them had seemed to manage to survive over the years, and had successfully reproduced in a new area of the Age.

In February 1999, Douglas Sharper, who was in charge of restoration of Teledahn at the time, secretly shared documents that he had found with Nick White, who translated them and between April and May 2000 discovered that the slaves held in Teledahn had been being transported to Rebek for use in the games there. By July 2000, White had been pulled off of the Rebek restoration project. On July 11th, 2002, Rebek failed its Phase 2 review and restoration of the Age was discontinued, with the DRC citing "significant hazards to personal safety" in the Age's environment. On September 3rd, 2002, Nick White succeeded in getting him and Douglas Sharper into Rebek without the DRC's knowledge, and showing him the Age before the two returned to D'ni.

After the DRC returned to D'ni during the Second Restoration, Rebek was again considered for restoration, but its restoration was suspended on September 30th, 2006, along with many other Ages and areas, in the case of Rebek due to "insufficient manpower".

In 2014, the DRC handed over restoration of the Age to the Intangibles. The Age is currently being restored by Keith Lord, and is in Phase 4 of restoration.



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