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Project Copperpot is the development name of an unreleased game in the Myst franchise. The game was pitched by a group of then-former and current employees of Cyan in January 2013 to the company, but subsequently put on hiatus in favor of Obduction.

Little is known about the concept beyond its name. A teaser image posted in an update to the Obduction Kickstarter campaign showed the project's name on top of a cropped piece of Uru concept art for a maintainer suit.


Since the end of Myst Online: Uru Live in 2008, Cyan had pitched several different Myst game ideas to various publishers, all of which were turned down.

In the summer of 2012, a group of then-former and current Cyan employees gathered at the wedding of Ryan Warzecha, and the conversation between them turned to successful Kickstarter campaigns, such as the recent Double Fine Adventure. The group agreed that Cyan should run a Kickstarter campaign, though the idea would not come up again until the group met again in October of that year. Following the meeting, further former Cyan employees were contacted by Warzecha concerning a potential Cyan Kickstarter campaign.

Starting in October, the team worked on an idea and timeline for a Kickstarter campaign, developing the basic idea for Project Copperpot, a new Myst game, believing that Kickstarter was their chance to finally get another Myst game published. In January 2013 the team met with Rand Miller and Tony Fryman to pitch the idea. Though the entire group was excited at the idea of a new Cyan game, after a few meetings Rand made the pitch to the group that Cyan should instead run a Kickstarter campaign for Obduction, a project that had existed in an early conceptual phase since 2005, having previously been turned down by publishers and shelved. Rand believed that Cyan should leave the Myst IP to the side for the moment and move onto a new intellectual property, arguing that "if [Cyan] do another Myst game, everyone will always say it's a sequel to Myst. And with realMyst Masterpiece being released, [Project Copperpot] could get lost in the noise." The team agreed, and Project Copperpot was shelved. It is unknown whether or not Cyan have plans to come back to the project at any point.